Freebie Friday: Freebies on AppStorm

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Free cloud storage, apps for your text, music and documents, and your own personal driver. The AppStorm team have been hard at work again. Here are the top free apps they’ve recently reviewed.


Copy: Tons of Awesome Free Cloud StorageCopy: Tons of Awesome Free Cloud Storage

I need more cloud storage, but I have commitment issues. I always want to try something new, and I’m always looking for more gigabytes. New service Copy has my storage woes covered. Free users are sitting pretty and will do even better with a generous referral program.

We’ll take a look at the Copy app and see if it has the features to match up to all that space they’re tossing around.
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Draft: The Word Processor for the WebDraft: The Word Processor for the Web

The year’s 1981. A newly incorporated computer company in Washington State decides to make a word processor to give people a reason to use computers. Launched for DOS in 1983 and the original Macintosh two years later, Word became the #1 way most people around the world write on their computers for over 30 years, and counting.

Word’s nice, in its own ways, but it’s designed for the world of the 1980′s, and the most important way to share documents of that day: paper. It’s designed to format documents for print, not digital sharing. Word has even made the transition to the web, but it’s still focused on print documents laid out on a virtual piece of Letter or A4 paper. Google Docs and other online word processors are no better suited for today, centering still around publishing on paper.

The year’s 2013. We need a word processor, one designed for online publishing that lets you write anywhere, save your files online, and collaborate with others.

That app is here, and it’s called Draft.
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Trending Music Discovery: Twitter #music DropsTrending Music Discovery: Twitter #music Drops

Hot off the presses, Twitter #music has finally gone public, and we can all stop hating Wiz Khalifa and Alt-J just a little bit for getting there before we did. With Twitter charts based on trending music and recommendations sourced from your follows, Twitter #music aims to reinvent music discovery.

Is it everything we’ve been waiting for and just as good as all the famous music people have been saying? We’ll try it out!
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Documents: File Management for iPadsDocuments: File Management for iPads

Some people want better file management on the iPad, which means that they’ll probably need Documents. The app comes as a total revamp of ReaddleDocs and is even more capable than the old version. Readdle claims that its 4.0 update makes it the must-have app for iPad and its actual rhetoric claims that Documents makes your iPad worth its high price are especially bold— especially for an app that’s completely free.

Documents aims to do a ton of things in an elegant way. According to the app’s description, it claims to be a “document viewer, PDF reader, download manager, music player and read it later” replacement, along with a whole host of other things. I’m always wary of apps that do this much, as there’s always the potential to be a jack of all trades and master of none, or worse: completely impossible and inelegant to use. The simple question is, though, can Documents be as powerful as its developer claims while still remaining easy to use? Let’s find out.
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Uber: Ride in Style With Your Personal DriverUber: Ride in Style With Your Personal Driver

Hailing a cab in busy cities is not always easy, especially after partying hard on a Friday night. Even worse, the awful experience of encountering a rude driver, a smelly car or being charged additional fees can easily ruin a great night and make you reconsider taking a cab next time you go out. The simplest way to avoid these problems, but also to impress friends and ensure a spotless drive, is to hire a personal driver. While this doesn’t seem like an option for most of us, Uber is the perfect solution to the problem: an on-demand private driver, who’s always sharply dressed, comes to pick you up in the fanciest vehicle in town and makes sure you’re seated comfortably during your trip.

Note: Don’t miss the promo codes in this article for free credit.
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7 Free Apps You Need for Windows7 Free Apps You Need for Windows

I use Windows 8 on all of our home computers — except for the home server, which runs FreeNAS. But, if you are here looking for apps to do things like bring back the Start menu then you are in the wrong place. I do not miss that relic from Windows 95 and have no problem using the new interface.

What I wished to cover here is not just for Windows 8. These apps work across many versions of the operating system and I find them incredibly useful on a regular basis. The only requirement to qualify here is that the app be free, and all of these meet that criteria. Beyond that, I am only looking for software that is truly useful on a daily, or almost daily, basis.

I will spare you the boring things like alternative web browsers to replace Internet Explorer — just use Chrome or Firefox, it’s an easy choice. Not all of these apps are for everyone, as it depends largely on your tastes and needs, but most should satisfy every computer user in some way and many are useful on an almost daily basis.
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