Freebie Friday: Freebies on AppStorm

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

The AppStorm team have been hard at work again. Here is a huge bunch of great free apps and web services they covered.


iAntivirus Simply Finds That MalwareiAntivirus Simply Finds That Malware

There have been many takes on Mac antivirus software over the years. Some people still refuse to believe that Apple’s prized computers can get infected, but the reality is that the Apple world is less secure than you might wish. ClamXav is a great app if you’re looking for some extra protections from the dangers out there, and it really works its hardest to keep your Mac safe. Our own Jorge Rodriguez reviewed this fine app at the beginning of this year, saying that “it feels trustworthy”.

But aren’t there some other worthy competitors to Mark Allan’s minimal virus protection approach? Why yes, and I think the most notable one comes from Symantec. It’s called iAntivirus. That’s right, the developer of Norton also made a Mac antivirus app that’s nothing you should overlook. It’s an extremely minimal approach with only four menu options, but there’s still a lot of protection offered. Let’s take a deeper look, shall we?
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Grandview: Extremely Simple WritingGrandview: Extremely Simple Writing

Some apps just don’t make sense at first. Grandview was definitely one of those for me. I love writing apps, and own almost every one available for the Mac. Yet, I could never wrap my head around the reason for Grandview.

Until I tried it out today, since its free right now in the App Store. To my amazement, it clicked for me. I’d still say it’s not for everyone, but here’s what I like about Grandview, and why I just wrote this article in it.
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Droplings: Simple Drag-and-Drop File Sharing with DropboxDroplings: Simple Drag-and-Drop File Sharing with Dropbox

Dropbox has been the go-to for cloud storage for many of us for many years now. Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest cloud sharing service there is, and for those of us who like to keep our files all together, that’s a problem. There are some pretty prominent services, perhaps most notably and Droplr, that allow easy drag-and-drop sharing from your desktop, but Dropbox hasn’t kept up.

Currently in free beta, Droplings is a new app that allows you to share in a similar way to the other cloud services, but from Dropbox. Droplings uploads files to your Dropbox Public folder and creates a download page for your file, just by dragging your files to your menubar. We’ll take a look, after the jump!
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SourceDrop: Code Sharing, SimplifiedSourceDrop: Code Sharing, Simplified

When it comes to sharing code snippets with others, there aren’t really many services that do it justice. Many lack syntax highlighting, and don’t even have desktop clients to make the experience of uploading a snippet pleasant. There’s plenty of ways to share code, but few that check all the boxes for a perfect Mac-to-web code snippet sharing experience.

SourceBox is an app that allows you to easily upload snippets of code and other text to PasteBin, as well as their own SourceDrop service and other popular sites for sharing code snippets online. If you find yourself often needing to share bits of code, this just might be the app you’ve been looking for.
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Putting Color Back into Finder with SideEffectsPutting Color Back into Finder with SideEffects

After years as Windows only user, I came to the Mac shortly before Lion was released last summer. I was still so new to Mac OS at that time that I failed to notice many of the changes from Snow Leopard to Lion. I did notice the removal color from the icons in the Finder sidebar, however. Like many, I found the loss of color made it more difficult for me to quickly find the icon I wanted. The icons just blended in together more than they did before.

The color is still there. If you look under the Go Menu in Finder, the icons still show in full color. Apple described the change as designed was to reduce emphasis on the interface in favor of content. While effective for that, the loss of contrast didn’t seem worth the tradeoff. As usual, developers stepped in to restore what they saw as lost functionality. SideEffects restores color to the icons Finder Sidebar. How well does it work? Let’s see.
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Find the Perfect Movie With FounddFind the Perfect Movie With Foundd

It’s a Friday night. You’re with a group of people – family, friends or maybe just you and your significant other. Regardless of who you’re with, if you want to watch a movie it can be quite difficult to choose a movie that you will all enjoy. Differing tastes, opinions and perceptions all play a role in ensuring that choosing a mutually agreed upon movie is going to be a difficult task. Luckily a new service called Foundd has come onto the scene.

Foundd is a web service which allows you to rate movies that you’ve seen. It then takes the ratings and gives you a watchlist based upon those ratings. This is pretty standard practice, so Foundd’s new and unique feature is the ability to create groups with friends who have also rated movies. The app allows you to find a movie that the whole group can agree upon just by clicking a few buttons. Stay with me after the jump to learn more about the service for just you and for your next movie watching group.
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HelloSign: The Future of Document SigningHelloSign: The Future of Document Signing

Tasks that used to take days to do can now take a few hours or even a few minutes, thanks to the internet. Even ordering a physical book or CD from Amazon feels like it takes forever now that we’re used to instant digital downloads. When there’s any delay, it can feel incredibly frustrating.

Take, for example, signing documents. This process can sometimes take what feels like forever. We get the documents ready to be signed and either the signees have to travel to sign it together, or we have to mail the documents to them and wait for them to sign and send the document back to us. Try getting documents signed internationally, and the delays (and expenses incurred) are even crazier.
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Photo editing is fun again with PicMonkeyPhoto editing is fun again with PicMonkey

Image editing used to be a challenge for home users – whether you need to remove a blemish from a person’s face, add a little character to a street scene or boost the colors on your vacation photos before printing – but apps like Picasa, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Pixelmator and even those bundled with cameras have helped a great deal.

However, as something of a shutterbug I’ve used a large number of these and couldn’t find anything that hit the sweet spot of usability, features, quality editing tools and effects, and fun (yes, apps can be fun if they’re built well) – until I came across PicMonkey. This great new app allows you to work on your photos using a ton of tools, has enough effects to make Instagram regulars drool, and is dead-simple to use. Is this your next photo editing suite? Let’s try it to find out.
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Objectiveli: Turning your Objectives and Goals into RealityObjectiveli: Turning your Objectives and Goals into Reality

No software will ever defuse the cooked hand grenade that is a newly formed project group. Leading a project is like leading a pack of rabid dogs. Motley crews rarely form, norm and perform like the textbooks say the will. In fact projects can often be a forum for non-stop arguing, cut-throat tactics and ridiculous organisational methods. Did I mention trench warfare? They’re also a lot like trench warfare. When your shot they pour salt in the wound and laugh.

In the past, the most well-thought out Gantt charts, plans and strategies have crumbled right before my very eyes. Meetings go unattended to and emails remain unopened.
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Pulse Reader Now on the WebPulse Reader Now on the Web

Pulse always stood out from the crowd – if it was a baby I bet it would have came out feet first. Just to be different. For the past couple of years it has been the primary news app on many of our phones. And unlike others it has never had a website – preferring instead to live on the screens of our mobile devices.

I guess this is why it developed such a good following. That, and its incredible design, functionality and user-friendly nature. Pulse has always been there when you need it. Looking hot and dishing out all the gossip it can find like a chatty girlfriend.

Today the developers have launched what they’re calling ‘Pulse for the Web’. A fully-loaded web version of the mobile application. “It wasn’t long until our users let us know that the problem we solved wasn’t confined to mobile devices”. They’re taking the great user experience we’ve all had on our handsets and blowing it up to desktop size. But does Pulse work on the ‘big screen’?
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If you’re a frequent Evernote user, then you’ll know that it’s not really big on notification features. In fact, making To-Do’s and lists in Evernote is easy – but the hard part is getting them done. Often times, you need to open the app once or twice a day just to be reminded of things you need to do.

With a web app like Evernotify, you can now receive e-mail notifications of tasks you have saved in Evernote. Here’s how.
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Create Your Own Social Platform with OverBlogCreate Your Own Social Platform with OverBlog

It seems that in today’s world, sharing things with people you know really is the name of the game. Over the past few months, apps and even whole operating systems have been changing to include those all important sharing features, and it seems like you can’t read an article nowadays without having to send it to someone you know.

Blogs are also a great way to share your thoughts with people out there on the Internet and previously unknown people have transformed themselves into big names on the Internet just via their writings and posts. Yet now there is a new approach to blogs, one that allows you to harness the power of social media on your own blog, or meeting fire with fire, and it comes by the name of OverBlog. It’s a European blog platform that has recently expanded into the US and boasts over 3 million active users with 34 million uniques, according to TechCrunch. But what makes it so interesting, and is it worth a shot? Let’s find out.
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Liven Up Your Boring Charts With Infogr.amLiven Up Your Boring Charts With

Looking at and analyzing data just does not excite me like it does for some people. There is something about it that is just boring. I am not sure what it is, but it is not my cup of tea. Needless to say, in my job one of the things that I have to do is prepare charts, graphs, etc. and use them to make presentations. With that being said, I am always trying to find web apps out there that can do this for me so that I don’t have to rely on something like Excel to make this happen.

A little while ago, I was given access to try out, which lets you create graphs and charts on the web. Their whole goal is to give you, the user an easy way to create interactive infographs on the web. There were two things that immediately got me a little excited about trying out their app. One, it looked super easy to use and two, it was web based, which is always a plus in this ever changing world of cloud computing.
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Podio: A Look At Its New FeaturesPodio: A Look At Its New Features

Just under a year ago, we took a look at Podio, a social and online work network rolled into one and we liked it very much, so much so that we gave it a extremely well-deserved score of 9 out of 10. Since writing that review, the Podio team have been working extremely hard on the product and there are plenty of new features to show for their efforts.

Read on after the break to find out what exactly they are!
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Buy and Sell Stuff Locally using KetupBuy and Sell Stuff Locally using Ketup

Anybody who has purchased goods online is familiar with the many infamous user-powered eCommerce websites. Craigslist, eBay and Kajiji are just a few names which come to mind. These are all great for purchasing unique items from anybody in your local area, or even anywhere in the world.

What makes Ketup so different is the ability to connect with anybody right from your mobile phone. You can access the Ketup marketplace from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The app uses your current location to determine any sellers in your local area. This is a really cool application to try out if you’re into the buying/selling game, plus it’s totally free! More about the app after the jump.
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First Aid: Be Prepared For Your Next EmergencyFirst Aid: Be Prepared For Your Next Emergency

I may have only lasted two weeks as a boy scout (when I was five), but the boy scout motto, “be prepared,” has stuck with me throughout my life. Now, I can’t say I’ve always been the model of preparedness, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve made an effort (such as keeping track of my belongings) to be as ready as possible if some unforeseen event occurred.

With the advent of the Internet, vasts amount of information is literally at our fingertips; and with devices like the iPhone, that information is accessible anywhere. Recently, the American Red Cross decided to go one step further by releasing First Aid, an app that contains all the information you’d ever need in an emergency. Hit the jump to learn more about how to become better prepared.
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Save Your Child’s Life Experiences with 23snapsSave Your Child’s Life Experiences with 23snaps

Everyone told me to take lots of pictures of my baby boy because before you know it, he is going to be all grown up. My wife being the photographer that she is has taken numerous photos and videos of our son. When we first started to do this, we looked at different ways to organize everything and yet share them with my parents since they live so far away and wanted to get as many pictures as they could. We were deciding on whether we should have gotten a baby book and put pictures in there, but in the end, we decided to create a blog and chronicle his life that way.

A couple of weeks ago, I came across an app named 23snaps, which lets you document your child’s life and share it with others either privately or publicly. After I started to play with it a bit, I kind of wish we had started out with this app as this seems a little more flexible for us. If you are a parent that wants an easy way to capture your child’s moments, you are going to want to read further.
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Create Cinemagraphs like a Pro with CinemagramCreate Cinemagraphs like a Pro with Cinemagram

The Internet, and especially social media, has seen an influx of pretty spectacular animated gifs recently, called cinemagraphs. In a cinemagraph, the majority of the image is frozen while a section is animated. Imagine a still skyline with a fluttering flag being the only thing in motion, or an outdoor scene but the only thing that moves are a tree’s leaves. It’s a striking effect, but from a layperson’s perspective with little design experience, it seems almost impossible to capture.

Developer Factyle wanted to make that cinemagraph effect a little bit easier for all of us. Enter Cinemagram, which can record short bursts of video or will use your own videos to create those same cool, awesome, spooky and haunting images. Can it really be that easy? We’ll take a look at Cinemagram to see if creating cinemagraphs is really something anyone can do or if it’s best left to the pros.
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Show Off Your Music Knowledge with Song PopShow Off Your Music Knowledge with Song Pop

I never got into the Draw Something craze. Something between a lack of skill and large fingers on a tiny screen meant that I was lucky if I won against a three-year-old. Fortunately, my dignity could be redeemed with the introduction of a new app, named Song Pop.

When Song Pop showed up in the App Store, I am pretty sure music lovers everywhere cheered with joy. Now they could show off not only their song knowledge but also their artist knowledge, in a five question multi-round music quiz where you are pitted against other music fans. A combination of fast answer times and correct answers in music genres including ’90′s Alternative and Modern Rap is what it takes to show you are the Song Pop queen or king.
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Any.DO: Make Things HappenAny.DO: Make Things Happen

Irrespective of the platform, productivity and task management apps get my attention all the time. I’ve settled down comfortably using Wunderlist in all my devices. Still, I download and try every task management app that I come across. Mobile-only task management apps tend to go the way of Dodo, except for a handful. In the recent past, I’ve been following Any.DO with fervent interest.

Any.DO was first launched in the Android market and got instant recognition for sporting one of the best user interfaces in the ecosystem. Simple to use, an intuitive user interface and the unbeatable price tag has propelled the app to stratospheric heights. With the launch of the iPhone app, they are entering the crowded productivity segment. Can they make it big in the Lion’s den?
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Classy Photo Captioning with Tiny PostClassy Photo Captioning with Tiny Post

There are a lot of camera apps in the App Store, but if you want to add some text or a caption to an image, there’s not a lot on tap. Sure, there are some LOLCat and meme apps to try, but if you don’t want super cutesy text all over your carefully shot and edited photo, there hasn’t been a lot to choose from.

Tiny Post is filling that gap, with photo captioning that’s for more than just tapping out “i can haz” on all your pictures. But is it really good enough to claim real estate next to our other photo apps, or will it turn out to be just another meme generator?
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Make Custom Photo Collages With MuzyMake Custom Photo Collages With Muzy

Muzy is an intuitive image editing app that allows you to make collages with your own photos or ones from the web, plus you can can edit, crop, enhance with special effects add captions, and custom-frame your work.

But what good is the perfect photo arrangement if you can’t share it with everyone you know, right? Muzy lets you post your images directly to Facebook, so that others can marvel at your cool photos (and image editing genius).

Hit the jump and I’ll show you just what this app can (and can’t) do.
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Brewster is the Place to Organize Your ContactsBrewster is the Place to Organize Your Contacts

Smartphones provide easy access to the Internet and expand our options for keeping in touch. In most cases, an email, a text, a tweet or a post can be received on a device at about the same speed. Beyond remembering which contact methods work best for your circle, the bane of so much choice is management. Multiple profiles and address books across many services can be a mess to integrate.

That’s where Brewster steps in. The visual-heavy app merges various social media profiles from your colleagues into streamlined address book entries. Let’s jump in to give it a try.
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Will This App Make You SuperBetter?Will This App Make You SuperBetter?

SuperBetter is an app that’s part game, part life coach, and designed to help you achieve your health goals — such as recovering from an illness/injury, losing weight or eating better — by increasing your personal resilience in four areas: physical, mental, emotional and social. A tall order, right?

The app’s effectiveness lies in the way it breaks big goals into itty bitty ones. SuperBetter keeps track of all your “Quests” and tasks you with daily and weekly to-do’s that will get you closer to conquering your “bad guys.” And lest you start thinking SuperBetter is just one great big group hug, think again: The app features “The Science Behind …” videos and tips throughout to back up its methods.
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Simplenote: Beyond the BasicsSimplenote: Beyond the Basics

I remember having a discussion with a fellow writer here at AppStorm about how we write and what tools we use. He kept talking about how great Simplenote was, and how amazing it was to have all of your documents on every device you use. I remember thinking, “Why would I ever want that?” Then I downloaded the app and found out.

Simplenote is, at its core, a note taking app. But don’t let that stop you from using it the way I do: as a full fledged text editor. Find out the deets after the jump.
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FLOR: Connect the DotsFLOR: Connect the Dots

When it comes to the gamut of topics that we usually cover around these parts, carpeting tends to be pretty low on the list, and understandably so. I mean, who wants to read about an app that talks about carpet, right?

I’m here to change that perception. FLOR, the popular carpet company, recently released a new app for the iPad, appropriately named FLOR app. So what does it do and why would you want to check it out? Find out after the jump.
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Pinterest for iPad: Get to PinningPinterest for iPad: Get to Pinning

If you’re a male, chances are pretty good that you’ve heard of Pinterest, the social network where you “pin” items to a virtual wall, but there’s a chance you haven’t used it much yet — but your girlfriend or wife definitely has. That’s because Pinterest is the hottest social network going right now, particularly among women — some estimates put the percentage of female users close to 70%.

As a man myself, I do see the value of Pinterest, and even though I don’t use it as much as my female friends, it’s still a place I go to check out what’s new and cool. Up until Wednesday, there was only a Pinterest client for the iPhone, and it’s pretty neat. But now there’s an iPad version of Pinterest. How does it match up? Let’s find out.
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Short Yet Sweet Sprints Using CSR RacingShort Yet Sweet Sprints Using CSR Racing

The first thing that needs to be said about this game is that it’s miles off what you’re expecting. Literally.

A new take has been put on racing for iOS in CSR Racing. It’s more of a test of rhythm than anything else, as you have no control of the direction, only the speed of the car in very brief races that will never exceed the minute mark. Is this mechanic too much of a change to appeal to any racing fan? Let’s take a look.
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Pixable: Your Life’s Photos In One PlacePixable: Your Life’s Photos In One Place

Everyone loves sharing and looking at photos. That’s why social networking sites are so hard to stay away from — that’s why Facebook bought Instagram and Google+’s latest app design places such high emphasis on photos.

If you find yourself catching up with friends and families’ photos on a daily basis – or stalking your favorite celebrities through theirs – Pixable will let you get the job done in half the time.

Pixable’s calls itself “Your Photo Inbox”, and this is a very accurate description. The app is an aggregate for all photos from your social networking accounts. It may seem like a simple idea, but as I used the app I began to see its value.
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Codemon: Pokémon Meets Barcode BattlerCodemon: Pokémon Meets Barcode Battler

I’ve been playing Pokémon since I was able to crawl. I love the whole structure of the game: being able to collect pets, train them and fight in duels is a great experience which I still love today. I’ve always followed the notion that a strong game will last forever, whatever age it is. Codemon proves this, while adding a couple of nice twists to the game we all love.

Codemon combines the concepts of Pokémon, Barcode Battler and Pet Collection into a single fun and free game. When I first saw this I was excited – and you should be too!
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MoboRobo: Organise Your AndroidMoboRobo: Organise Your Android

In case it’s not already apparent by the fact that I write for an Android site: I love Android! Everything about my little open source assistant, camera, computer, media player and modem keeps me pegged as a loyal user. Unless there’s a dramatic upheaval in the smartphone market I can see myself sticking with the platform for quite some time.

Unfortunately, managing what is effectively a small computer using just my index finger and thumb can be tiresome. Updating contacts, software, music and so on is time consuming. The iPhone has iTunes, and Android has around a million alternatives – the vast majority of which are as useful as an inflatable dartboard.
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Stereomood: Music to Accompany Your MoodStereomood: Music to Accompany Your Mood

I don’t know about you, but when I’m listening to music I tend to pick tracks that reflect the kind of mood I’m in. If I’m happy I have a playlist of upbeat music; if I’m sad I have a playlist to try and make me feel better. However, I often have times when I’m not sure which music to listen to. That’s the problem Stereomood aims to solve.

Stereomood is a free music app that lets you choose between tracks depending on the mood you’re in. It saves you the hassle of searching, while also introducing you to new music!
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AntTek Explorer is a Versatile File ManagerAntTek Explorer is a Versatile File Manager

When it comes down to file explorers on Android, there is no shortage of choice and we have covered several here on Android.Appstorm, from the highly powerful File Expert, to the purpose-specific WiFi File Explorer, passing by our top 10 file managers.

However, one slightly unknown option, AntTek Explorer — which works well both on phones and on tablets — has recently become my favorite. Read on to find out why…
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Record Your Movements With Google’s My Tracks 2.0Record Your Movements With Google’s My Tracks 2.0

With your Android phone in your pocket, you have access to one of the most advanced and flexible pedometers available –- all you need is the right software. There are various apps that have been released designed with runners and cyclists in mind that make it possible to monitor and record your exercise regime, and the updated My Tracks is the latest offering from Google.

This free app makes use of your phone’s GPS receiver to determine your location and monitor your movements as you walk, cycle or otherwise move around. Sessions can be recorded individually so you can monitor any exercise regime you stick to over time.
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At Long Last: Pinterest for Android Is Here!At Long Last: Pinterest for Android Is Here!

Finally! Pinterest has launched its official app for Android devices, which means you can now pin and browse to your heart’s content from wherever you are. Since it’s taken so long to see the light of day, expectations for this release are very high amongst power users and casual browsers alike. I took it for a spin to see how it matches up to its mighty web counterpart — and I must say, I’m impressed!

For those who came in late: Pinterest is a visual social bookmarking platform where you can find inspiration, ideas and even great deals on stuff you want to buy. Users ‘pin’ images (mostly from the web and sometimes from their own libraries) and enrich them with descriptions, tags and links. Apart from contributing to the ever-growing library of visually stimulating shareables, you can also browse what others have pinned, by going through categories or more specific collections called ‘boards’.
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Blaze Through RSS Feeds With FeedDemonBlaze Through RSS Feeds With FeedDemon

We all love to read our favorite blogs from all over the Internet everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. However remembering which sites you visit can be a hassle. So many people bookmark them in a web browser; nothing is wrong with that, but the best way is to subscribe to RSS feeds with a feed reader.

FeedDemon is an RSS feed reader that can pull in all of your RSS feeds and update them at specific intervals. FeedDemon also has a few great features that we will explore as well. So without further or due, lets review FeedDemon!
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Songbird: A Viable Media Player?Songbird: A Viable Media Player?

Let me tell you one thing right up front. I am not a very big fan of Winamp. All you can do is add the songs to playlists — it doesn’t provide you with any features to organize your songs according to your fuzzy needs.

And iTunes? It sure can organize your songs but it’s also very cluttered and bloated. It tries too hard to accommodate everything in a single piece of software.

Songbird sells itself as the ticket out of this madness. Let’s find out whether it lives up to its claims.
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Retrieve Deleted Data With Wise Data RecoveryRetrieve Deleted Data With Wise Data Recovery

Anyone with a computer has experienced the panic that sets in when you realize that a file you need is not where you expect it to be. You may have accidentally deleted an important document, or a sudden crash may have wreaked havoc with your work.

Whatever the cause, upon discovering a missing file he only thing that’s likely to occupy your mind is just how you’re going to be able to get it back. As you can probably guess from the name, this is something that Wise Data Recovery can help you with.
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Keep Your Files Organized with QuickMoveKeep Your Files Organized with QuickMove

If you keep your hard drive in any sort of order, it’s likely that when you download files, you have a number of folders that you use on a regular basis. Photos may end up getting moved to one folder while video get moved to another.

QuickMove is a free tool that can be used to automate this process. The program can be used to create rules that will be used to automatically move files to particular folder based on their file type.
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How to Manage Compressed Files With PeaZip PortableHow to Manage Compressed Files With PeaZip Portable

Compressed files formats such as .zip and .rar are possible the most commonly used formats online. In addition to their space-saving capabilities, these formats also offer handy features such as encryption and password protection.

There are countless file compression tools to choose from, and Windows even offers support of its own in the form of compressed folders. But if you are someone who works at multiple computers you may well find that the necessary programs are not always available. But if you pop a copy of PeaZip Portable on your USB drive, you’ll always be able to compress and decompress files whenever you need to.
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Photoscape: A Free Professional Photo EditorPhotoscape: A Free Professional Photo Editor

Whether we’re updating our Facebook profile picture or going out searching for the best scenes on earth, we all need a tool to edit with. Programs such as Adobe Photoshop are definitely not cheap though. As well as the cost part, programs like Adobe are often very hard to use and take a considerable amount of time to grasp. The learning curve, as it were, is pretty steep.

I digress. Image editing can often be a struggle. And finding the right tool is harder than one might like to think as it takes a non-trivial amount of effort to actually find the best program for you. Photoscape is a free service which hopes to completes these tasks easily and effectively! Read on to find out more!
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World Of Tanks: A Brilliant, Free MMOWorld Of Tanks: A Brilliant, Free MMO

Personally, MMO’s are my favourite game genre. They excite me, keep me entertained for much longer than FPSs and allow me to share great experiences with friends. It’s really the community element of an MMO which makes it so great for me. Whether you have the best game in the world or not, without strong players, guilds and groups your game will ultimately fail.

A few months ago I came across World Of Tanks. Considering my past MMO review’s have been fantasy based games such as Aion, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Guild Wars, World Of Tanks struck me as something different. As an entirely PVP based system I didn’t think this game would appeal to me that much. Don’t get me wrong though, I love PVP, but a bit of solo mission can be a nice release. Let’s find out whether my assumption was right or not.
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Check Your PC’s Resource Utilization With Kiwi Application MonitorCheck Your PC’s Resource Utilization With Kiwi Application Monitor

However well specced your computer may be, you will undoubtedly find that it gradually slows down over time or starts to perform erratically. It is likely that this comes as a result of running out of system resources and it can be very helpful to keep an eye on just want is using up your memory and processor time.

Windows includes the Task Manager which can be used to check which programs and processes are running as well as seeing how much memory they are using up. Kiwi Application Monitor is a more advanced alternative that provides you with a far greater level of detail and additional options.
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Make Light Work of Partitioning With Paragon Partition ManagerMake Light Work of Partitioning With Paragon Partition Manager

Hard drive partitioning is far from being the most glamorous side of computing, but it is one that is almost more important than ever now that hard drives are larger than ever. It makes a great deal of sense to split up a large hard drive into two or more partitions, and this is something that Paragon Partition Manager 12 Free could help you with.

You might well wonder why a separate partition tool would be needed when Windows itself includes tools for managing your disks, but there is a strong argument for using a dedicated partition tool. There are various comparatively expensive programs that can be used to manage your hard drive, but this is a free tool that has all of the basics covered.
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Effective Ebook Management With CalibreEffective Ebook Management With Calibre

When did it become geeky to say that you are a voracious reader? Needless to say, I have no faith in the future of the society. Spitefulness aside, in my quest for better, easier and accessible e-book management, I found Calibre.

The name itself means a degree of excellence. We’re off to a good start! Does it live up to its name? Let’s find out!
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Mann Vs Machine: A Lifesaver Update for TeamFortress 2Mann Vs Machine: A Lifesaver Update for TeamFortress 2

Robots, TF2, an amazing storyline from Valve and more, bigger robots! What happens when you mix all of them together? Yes, you get the Mann Vs Machine update, the update that has spellbound two different generations of TF2 players (Old School & F2P newbs!) in a matter of 2 days.

Timed perfectly to resuscitate the dwindling interest in TF2, this masterstroke from Valve has already grabbed eyeballs, playtime and lots of $$$. Let’s find out whether you should join this war!
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Step Up Your Gaming Performance With Game Booster 3Step Up Your Gaming Performance With Game Booster 3

Today’s video gamer tends to get quite frustrated poor computer performance interfering with their fun gaming time. Yet, often it’s a matter of optimization and there is a solution to this problem, the wonderful Windows application, Game Booster 3 designed by a computer performance enhancement software company, Iobit.

Game Booster 3 is a great tool for anyone who needs the maximum working potential from their computers. Whether you like to game, edit different types of media using powerful software or simply want the most entertainment out of your computer, this is the application for you! Read on to find out more…
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Rejuvenate Your PC With Advanced SystemCare 5Rejuvenate Your PC With Advanced SystemCare 5

Every PC starts its life performing to the best of its capability. As the computer ages, the performance slowly degrades due to errors, junk files, malwares and other assorted niggles. Are you longing to get your PC back to its former potential?

Help is at hand with Advanced SystemCare 5, a PC analyzer and optimizer application that fixes the errors in your PC and tunes it back to its former glory. Let’s find out whether it’s worth your while.
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