Freebie Friday: Freebies on AppStorm

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

The AppStorm team have been hard at work again. Here is a huge bunch of great free apps and web services they covered.


iCondubber: Tweaking Your Mac’s Icons for FreeiCondubber: Tweaking Your Mac’s Icons for Free

Wouldn’t it be great if Apple released an app that we could use to customize the look of the operating system? Just imagine that for a bit. Think of how you’d tailor your experience. Think of the abundance of different themes that people would post on the internet for everyone else to use. Hey, think about how many roundups we would write up!

Sadly for us, the ability to theme our system’s interface has never been an easy or flawless task. Sure, we had Manifique and a few apps like it, but now they are gone. That’s why icon customizers are still interesting, since tweaking icons is one of the best ways you can still tweak your Mac experience.

iCondubber is dubbed as the “definitive icon/theme manager”, and while it probably isn’t the “definitive” icon manager, it is without a doubt a helpful and useful tool. Let’s take a look, and see if it’s worth trying out.
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Simplenote vs. iCloud NotesSimplenote vs. iCloud Notes

While recently reviewing Justnotes, a minimal Simplenote client for Mac, I remembered that I still had some data stored in Notes for iOS. Those notes have been around since iOS 4 and sync with email accounts that are set up on the device. However, Apple has now added a native Notes app in Mountain Lion. It syncs with iCloud and will one day be available on the web version of this celestial service as well.

Hopping back and forth between the two note services, I wondered which one I should keep around for daily use. While Apple’s solution does well for basic noting, it’s not the best app out there for more advanced users that avail features like Markdown formatting. On the other hand, iCloud Notes does have well designed native apps, the area that Simplenote falls short in with third-party clients similar to the aforementioned Justnotes. In the end, which one wins me as a steady user? The two services go head-to-head after the break.
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Backup and Browse Your Social Networks with SocialSafeBackup and Browse Your Social Networks with SocialSafe

As social networks continue to grow, users share more and more of their lives online. Services like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are taking over as the primary places we spend our time online. Consequently, these networks are filled with years of our status updates, vacation photos, resumés, and more.

But what would happen if Instagram accidentally deleted years-worth of those 1970′s-style filtered photos of your brunches at the French restaurant down the street from your apartment? What if you lost access to your Facebook account and now would be unable to post a half-hearted happy birthday message to that guy who you vaguely remember from 7th grade P.E.? Fortunately, a service called SocialSafe has your social media life covered.
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Get Your News Ticker-Style with RetickrGet Your News Ticker-Style with Retickr

I’m a huge news junkie. I run multiple RSS apps on my Mac, including Pulp and Reeder, each for different sets of RSS feeds that I subscribe to. In those rare moments that I get to step out of the office, whether I’m standing in line at the deli down the street or riding a bus downtown to meet up with my brother for lunch, I’m usually on my phone checking even more news feeds. Simply put, I drink heartily from the fountain of information that the Internet provides.

I recently stumbled across a somewhat unique RSS aggregator, and I wanted to show it to you today. Retickr is an app that lets you put together custom playlists of news feeds and display the top stories from them as a scrolling ticker on your screen. The idea is relatively novel and the execution is unique, but does Retickr have what it takes to become an arterial channel of information?
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Cloudify Your Life Memories with ThisLifeCloudify Your Life Memories with ThisLife

If you have kids, you can probably relate to my dilema of the fact that I have a ton of photos of my kid and not a convenient place to store them. There are many options out there, like putting them on an external drive, uploading to the cloud, burning them onto DVD’s. All of these options have good things about them and bad.

One solution that has always intrigued me is cloud storage for photos. The nice part about this solution is that you don’t have to worry about drives breaking or losing DVDs. It also saves you from having to worry about precious hard drive space on your computer. There are a variety of cloud services that you can use and I had the opportunity to test out one called ThisLife for the past couple of weeks. I have to say, I haven’t seen a cloud service like it and I was impressed.
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Tumblr + Facebook/Twitter = RebelMouseTumblr + Facebook/Twitter = RebelMouse

There are many things that I share on the world wide web with my friends and other people that I may or may not know. I share things on Facebook, Twitter, pictures through Instagram, posts here on Web.AppStorm and iPhone.AppStorm. I am also sure that many of you have your variety of social sites that you share things to as well. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one place to go to get all of your status updates, pictures, videos and anything else that you share instead of having to visit four different sites?

Well, a new web application called RebelMouse gives you this opportunity and much more. It is right now in beta, so it can be a little rough around the edges at times, but it is a very cool service. Think of it as Tumblr meets Facebook and Twitter, sound interesting? Well, read on to learn more about this cool little app.
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Free Group Collaboration with GrooptFree Group Collaboration with Groopt

It’s no lie that there are plenty of project management apps out there. However, most of these are targeted at businesses and while this is completely understandable as these are the core user base for this type of productivity app, some of them can seem a little bloated for the everyday user who just wants to get productive with their friends or smaller organisation.

If you’re part of this sector and are interested in an app that can do this for you, a nifty app called Groopt may be right up your street.
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Simple Markdown Wikis with ScribbleSimple Markdown Wikis with Scribble

Document management has always been tricky, especially when you want to centrally store documents with all of their updates and revisions, and give people an easy way to collaborate on them. Wikis seem like the perfect solution, but they’re usually complicated, requiring at best HTML formatting and at worst a special markup language that you’ll have to get used to.

On the other end of the spectrum, Markdown formatting has been steadily increasing in popularity as a simple markup language to make rich formatted documents and HTML without having to use anything other than plain text and simple characters. It’s used in everything from new CMS apps to simple writing tools on the web and in native apps.

Bring the two together to create a web app that allows insanely simple editing, what have you got? Scribble, of course.
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Hojoki: A Place For All Your Cloud AppsHojoki: A Place For All Your Cloud Apps

Cloud services are a dime a dozen these days, and all of them promise you wouldn’t have to carry a flash drive in your life. But how do you keep track of them? Sure, most have mobile versions of their apps and you can always use that on the go. However, seeing them all in one tool seems to be asking too much – or is it?

Hojoki is a web app that allows you to see a feed of all activities in your cloud apps, bringing together your Dropbox, CloudApp, Zendesk, and Basecamp, and more. It’s in Public Beta and is free for now – with a future pricing plan in store. So how does it work? Read on to know more!
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Find the Perfect Playlist With SongzaFind the Perfect Playlist With Songza

Finding and choosing music to listen to is an easy task for a lucky few. For the rest of us, choosing music is often an annoyance. Whether you are tired of your collection or just don’t know what you’re in the mood to listen to, sometimes it’s good to step back from iTunes and let someone else do the heavy lifting. That’s where an app like Songza comes into play.

Songza labels itself a music concierge. It’s an online playlist based music application, full of playlists for different events, moods, decades and genres. Songza is 100% free AND audio ad-free, a rarity in the world of online music streaming. Read on to learn more about this new music application, like details on how it works and what I think of it thus far.
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StatusNet: Microblogging in the EnterpriseStatusNet: Microblogging in the Enterprise

Microblogging is everywhere. Twitter and Facebook have popularized updating the world on our status, and now, most of us use it daily. From the way it allows people to communicate and requiring minimal effort to the fact that it could be considered one of the most effective ways to communicate with people as a whole in the digital realm, it’s no wonder that so many businesses embrace microblogging in the ways in which it deserves.

For this reason, people have tried to do the concept justice and create new and innovative ways of using it to really get people talking. It’s no further surprise that smart tools like StatusNet have sprung up to make the process a lot simpler for enterprises looking at embracing the social network format that we’ve seen so many times before. Read on to find out more about StatusNet and its powerful set of features.
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A Look At The All New CageA Look At The All New Cage

Back in June last year, we took a look at Cage, a design collaboration tool that we awarded a full 10/10. Since then, big changes have been happening resulting in the all new Cage, a beta product and the subject of today’s review.

Cage is a collaboration tool that allows you share images of designs with others and then have them feedback on them. Or, that was the premise of the original Cage. Now, you can manage tasks, use Cage for video projects, have designs approved and more.
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A Fresh Look at UserReport, Pitch-Perfect SurveysA Fresh Look at UserReport, Pitch-Perfect Surveys

Not long ago, I took an in-depth look at a new interesting website feedback app called UserReport. It came with everything a webmaster would need to effectively get feedback about their website to allow them to make important changes that benefit users and overall just ensure that users were satisfied with the website itself. Recently, its launched several new updates that make the app even more user-friendly and as such, I thought it’d be worth taking another look.
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FamilyLeaf: The Private Social Network for FamiliesFamilyLeaf: The Private Social Network for Families

Family gatherings are always somewhat bittersweet for me since my immediate family lives about 2,000 miles away and can’t necessarily come to where we are, and vice versa. Now, with our little boy in the picture, they make it here more, but it still isn’t the same. We try our best to stay in touch with them through Skype, and sending pictures on our blog, but it never seems to be enough. Not only that, but the majority of my family members are not on social media sites like Facebook, so that doesn’t help either.

All that to say, I am always looking for ways that our family can stay updated with each other through the beauty of the web. With family all over the western United States, that can be tough, but I came across a web app called Family Leaf a little while back and I was somewhat intrigued by what it did and what it could accomplish for families like mine. After I started to play with it a bit, I knew that I had to try to convince the rest of my extended family to sign up as well.
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Marqueed: Collecting and Collaborating on Images OnlineMarqueed: Collecting and Collaborating on Images Online

I’ve often needed to share a collection of images with others, to show off a project or get feedback. Unfortunately, the solutions I’ve tried haven’t been that good. I’ve printed images to make collections on boards that can be passed around the team members in a meeting. I’ve tried keeping the images on my computer, but then too many are forced to gather around a small screen. I’ve even tried a few different digital collections, but nothing has ever really given me a good opportunity to engage in conversations and share feedback.

Recently, however, I found out about a new web app called Marqueed which is made for this purpose and I couldn’t wait to try it out. Marqueed is a new, free web application made by a group of designers which allows teams to communicate visually, all online. It promises to be quite the useful application, but read on after the jump to learn more about how it works and how I feel about it.
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Create Your Own E-Booklet with BookletsworldCreate Your Own E-Booklet with Bookletsworld

A little over a year ago, I remember reading an article about how eBooks have finally taken over paperback books here in the United States. We’ve all known that sooner or later this was going to happen, and there’s no turning back. With tablets and eReaders gaining more traction each year, as a teacher, I needed to start to look toward how I can embrace the eBook rather than ignore it. And as you can probably tell, I am not the only one thinking this too. Authors, journalist, bloggers, and other professionals are also thinking and strategizing for the eBook revolution, so to speak.

One thing that hasn’t necessarily evolved just yet is the ability to create an ebook. Of course there is Apple’s iBook Author app, but that is limited to making books for the iPad. But a new web app, Bookletsworld, is working in its own way to democratize eBook publishing. Yes, I say that with hesitation because what they provide is not necessarily the ability to create your traditional eBook that we all know, but more of a way to create booklets on the web. Sound interesting?
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Tumblr 3.0 Brings Microblogging to Your iPhoneTumblr 3.0 Brings Microblogging to Your iPhone

There’s no doubt that you’ve used Tumblr at some point in your life, whether it was to follow a famous person, blog about drama or just to look up some funny GIFs. Throughout the years, there have been many ways to access the microblogging service on your iPhone, the most popular being the official app, formerly Tumblerette.

On June 21st, the folks at Tumblr decided that it was time to get their app a complete rebuild with a plethora of new features and a beautiful redesign. In Tumblr version 3.0, they introduced many highly-requested features such as high-resolution images, tag search, offline support, Spotify support and many more improvements and new features. Let’s take a look at some of the new features in Tumblr 3.0 after the break.
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Podcasts: Apple’s Take On Podcast ManagementPodcasts: Apple’s Take On Podcast Management

Well, wouldn’t you know it. Just a few days before my podcast management app roundup went up, in which I stated that “the system of downloading podcasts in iTunes and then jumping over to the Music app to listen to them isn’t very simple or intuitive,” Apple released their own dedicated podcast management app for iOS. Boy, don’t I look foolish.

However, even with the release of Podcasts, Apple hasn’t necessarily guaranteed users an podcast management app that rivals the experience found in third-party apps (e.g. Instacast, Downcast and Pocket Casts). Hit the jump and find out if Podcasts has what it takes to unseat the competition from your iOS device.
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Google Chrome Comes to the iPhone — but Can It Compete With Safari?Google Chrome Comes to the iPhone — but Can It Compete With Safari?

I use my iPhone to browse the Internet quite a lot, actually. I’ll visit at least four or five webpages per day on average. It’s a great device to use too, because everything works smoothly and there are many websites optimized for mobile devices. But what about an enhanced experience — something that you’re used to on your desktop computer? What about Chrome for iPhone?

Luckily for those of you who use the browser, Google released an iOS version of their famous multi-platform browser on Thursday. It brings everything you loved about the Android version (if you used it) and a few of the great features included in the desktop app to your iPhone. Chrome on the iPhone has the potential to be a great browser, but let’s take a deeper look.
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Cheddar: The Seamless Todo List ApplicationCheddar: The Seamless Todo List Application

I’ve used plenty to-do list applications in my day, and shelled out quite a bit of money for them, to say the least. Some boasted much more features than others, while some were better designed. And, well, some were better than others. I have found that I prefer the simple to-do app, so I resorted to using Clear.

Then a nifty little app called Cheddar came out. It was similar to Clear because of its simplicity of design and function, but seemed to be a bit more robust when it came down to features. But does Cheddar make the cut and replace Clear as my go-to to-do list application? Find out after the jump.
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30/30: A Timer with a Sleek Design30/30: A Timer with a Sleek Design

I’ve had a hard time committing to a productivity timer app, because I just haven’t found the one that works for my needs. You may already be familiar with the Pomodoro technique, which metes out work and rest in intervals of twenty-five minutes and five minutes, respectively, but that always seemed too inflexible to me. My schedule requires something with just a bit more customization than that.

Enter timer app 30/30. Though the default interval is thirty minutes, you can really set it to any time you want and queue up as many tasks as you want. With a bevy of task types set against a minimalist interface, is 30/30 the timer for the Pomodoro shy?
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Manage Your Stuff With BelongingsManage Your Stuff With Belongings

Accidents happen, and when they do it’s always good to be prepared. But how does one prepare for a disaster? It’s always good to have medical supplies and nonperishable food handy, and a game plan for what actions you should take when a disaster strikes. The problem with disasters (other than the disaster itself) is dealing with the aftermath. If you have insurance on your house or apartment, you may think you’re squared away. Chances are, you’re not.

When you file a claim after a disaster, most insurance companies require a list of everything that was damaged (or stolen, in the case of a robbery). Unless you’re really on your game, you probably haven’t kept a running inventory of your stuff. Luckily, there’s an app for that, and its name is Belongings. Join me after the jump and I’ll show you how to use Belongings to create a virtual inventory of everything you own.
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Cloudee: Less Is More When It Comes To VideoCloudee: Less Is More When It Comes To Video

Instagram made sharing photos cool and it became one of the hottest social apps this past year. Now, social video is starting to come on strong with the likes of SocialCam, as well as Viddy. As we have known for a while now, and it is not anything new, social sharing has become the thing to do. We share our thoughts, what we’re eating or doing, where we’re at, and we take pictures or videos of these things and send them out to the world.

But what if we want to take a scaled back, more intimate approach, where we share with just the people we really know. Cloudee is taking that exact approach and doing it at a time when people are starting to take a more serious look at privacy. They are taking this very thing back and making your videos more personable, which could actually be a good thing. The wonderful people over at Cloudee gave me the opportunity to test drive their app, and I came away impressed with what I saw.
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Bitly Brings Link Shortening to the iPhone at LastBitly Brings Link Shortening to the iPhone at Last

Bitly’s fun pufferfish has long been a friend to verbose tweeters who needed to keep it under 140 characters, and if all you use Bitly for is shortening URLs, that’s enough. But there’s another side to Bitly, an even more useful side, that allows online marketers and bloggers to track how many “clicks” their links are getting. It’s pretty easy and fairly important if you make your living on the internet, but there hasn’t been a good way to generate those little links on iOS until now.

Bitly recently relaunched their website, and with it they launched their first iOS app simply named, Bitly. They’ve made Bitly more social by integrating Twitter and Facebook and creating community curated groups of links, or bitmarks. But does the iOS app work as well as the webapp and browser extensions? And will it have the same analytical functionality for those who need that information? Let’s find out together.
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Yardsale: Taking the Hassle out of HagglingYardsale: Taking the Hassle out of Haggling

Online garage sales can be scary places to shop, and not just for the reasons that immediately come to mind, like the murder reasons or the grab-your-stuff-and-run-without-paying reasons. There’s also the complete anonymity of online shopping. Can you trust the seller? Will the buyer actually show up with money or try to make a shady trade at the last minute? And then there’s the never ending Craigslist haggle emails!

Yardsale wants to make online neighborhood selling easier and feel like you’re actually selling to your neighbors, not meeting a shifty guy you found under the bridge. Originally only available in and around San Francisco, Yardsale has recently expanded to include the entire United States. Can Yardsale be a real alternative to all that Craigslisting, though?
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Save Money Shopping with RetailMeNot CouponsSave Money Shopping with RetailMeNot Coupons

The infamous coupon website RetailMeNot has been online for a couple of years now. You can find coupons for nearly all the famous brands including Amazon, Domino’s Pizza, Best Buy and so many more. Their team released a new iOS app which is the perfect companion for their site.

You’ll be able to find new coupon codes and even redeem them inside the store. Often times these coupons will work when you’re shopping online. But even if you don’t shop on your phone, it’s easy enough to copy down the codes into your web browser. I’ll say this is one a handy application for the many frugal shoppers out there.
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Rule the Air with Pocket PlanesRule the Air with Pocket Planes

Nearly a year after their hit game Tiny Tower was released, Nimblebit has contributed yet another tycoon-style game to their arsenal. This time around you get to rule the air. Pocket Planes has flown to the top of the App Store charts, but can it fly to the top of ours? Find out after the break.
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Cargo-Bot: How’s Your Logic?Cargo-Bot: How’s Your Logic?

With over 400,000 apps available for download, the iOS App Store is an unforgiving marketplace, and one in which it can extremely difficult to set your app aside from the rest. Hard to believe then, that such a simple app as Cargo-Bot boasts one of the most unique accolades possible: the first game to be programmed entirely on an iPad.

If that’s not enough to get your attention, I don’t know what is. That fact alone was enough to peak my interest in this relatively simple game, or so it appears upon first glance. In truth, what I found was much more; a deftly created game that packs a real, challenging punch. Intrigued? Let’s find out more.
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Chrome: Functional and Aesthetically BeautifulChrome: Functional and Aesthetically Beautiful

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers out there and probably the app of choice for quite a few of our readers. It came as somewhat of a surprise when Chrome for iOS was announced on day two of Google I/O, in between demonstrations of extreme sports.

Taking on Safari in it’s own territory is a bold move from Google, although it signifies the company’s commitment to other platforms than it’s own and will likely put a smile on some die-hard Chrome users’ faces. In this review, we’re going to take Chrome for iPad out for a spin and provide some thoughts on how it stacks up to the native Safari.
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SlideShark: PowerPoint Finally Gets a Deserving iPad AppSlideShark: PowerPoint Finally Gets a Deserving iPad App

Let’s face it: the Microsoft Office suite has largely dominated the workplace productivity landscape for the better part of two decades. Even as worthy competitors have arisen, the “industry standard” nature of the programs has pushed them to the side. Now however, as there are evolving spheres of software platforms, developers are working to incorporate that standard into their products. Web and mobile apps are providing support for importing the dreaded .docx, .xlsx and .pptx formats.

While Microsoft seemingly crawls toward the release of their first-party Office iPad app, it is being beaten to the punch. There are umpteen text editors for iOS, some full office suite alternatives, and of course, Apple’s own iWork set to compete with. But now, SlideShark has chosen to concentrate solely on presentations. So how does it fare? Read on to find out!
Continue Reading Brings Competitive Trivia Games To Brings Competitive Trivia Games To iOS

If you’re a trivia fan, you’ll be happy to know that the makers of have introduced an app to fulfil your trivia needs amongst your friends. Instead of sitting at home answering questions online, you can now compete with tons of people and outsmart them using your general knowledge. is doing what Rumble did for Boggle by digitising a classic form of entertainment and making it more accessible to the world, enhancing the experience due to the competition you have. Let’s take a look at what this app is all about.
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50 Completely Free Android Apps50 Completely Free Android Apps

There’s certainly no shortage of free Android apps, but a lot of these are really more like free demos: they’re ad-supported “lite” versions with accompanying paid apps, or they’re 30 day trials, or they require you to unlock extra features via in-app purchases or by paying for a monthly account.

That’s not a bad thing, of course; we shouldn’t expect all developers to give away the products of their hard work for free! But in this roundup, we’ll look exclusively at apps that don’t ask for a penny.
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Sidecar: The App That Could Revolutionize the Phone CallSidecar: The App That Could Revolutionize the Phone Call

Phone calls have pretty much been the same since the advent of the telephone. You make a call and you converse. Only the basic exchange of auditory communications goes on. I know today there are apps that communicate in many other ways, such as face-to-face video calls (Skype and the like), but the everyday phone call remains the same.

The creators of the Sidecar app have something to say about that though. Sidecar, and the sharing it enables during phone calls, has the potential to change the way we think of phone calls altogether. Imagine being able to share photos, video, contacts, and even your location all during a phone call. Sidecar makes that possible.
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500px: When Did Viewing Pictures Get This Good?500px: When Did Viewing Pictures Get This Good?

The world we live in is beautiful. Photographs allow you to see far more of it than you could ever dream. Occasionally, I come across one or two fantastic pictures of great scenes that amaze and astounding me. Till now, it’s been hard to find a tool which compiles all of these into one database – but 500px could be it. Transferring the quality and class over from the popular webpage, this new Android app has a promising future.

500px gives you an enormous variety of images, all high quality and superb. Taken from an enormous amount of photographers you can easily pick out the best.
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Find Your Music’s Lyrics With musiXmatchFind Your Music’s Lyrics With musiXmatch

Music apps these days either play music or recognise music that’s already playing. One app in particular does both, and more.

musicXmatch finds the lyrics of whatever song you are currently listening to on your Android. It’s great if you are a death metal listener but can’t really understand the screams.
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Aviary: The Photo Editor You’ve Been Waiting ForAviary: The Photo Editor You’ve Been Waiting For

As a photographer, I never thought I’d use my smartphone’s camera much, given that it obviously doesn’t have the capabilities of a DSLR. But lately, I’ve learned to love it for what it is – a simple camera that’s on hand whenever I need it – and that’s really the best kind of camera you can have. Having come to terms with my phone camera, I now use it for discreet street photography, making note of locations and props I could use for upcoming photo shoots, and working on my composition.

I’ve been hankering for a solid photo editing app, though – something that offers at least a smidgen of the control over how pictures turn out that desktop apps like Adobe Photoshop do. There are a fair number of editing tools out there, but none seemed to have the complete package of features, usability and fine-grained control over various parameters that I wanted. Then, I discovered Aviary.
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Cocktail Flow Helps You Win at Playing BartenderCocktail Flow Helps You Win at Playing Bartender

Whether you are a true bartender or just playing one at your next party, Cocktail Flow makes short work of serving up everyone’s favorite libation. The app wows with its easy to use (and easy on the eyes) interface, making it the best designed, most über functional cocktail app on Google Play. Having this app on your Android phone is like having a Gary Vaynerchuk for cocktails in your pocket.

The app is a gold mine with its cocktail recipe database that in addition to suggesting similar cocktails, tells you which cocktails go with the ingredients at hand, and how to optimize your shopping trip to eliminate last-minute beer runs. The app’s functionality extends well beyond an appified recipe book.
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Jorte Calendar: Pretty On The InsideJorte Calendar: Pretty On The Inside

Everyone has appointments and events that need to be remembered – whether it’s a case of remembering an appointment at the doctor, or that you need to pay a bill – and your Android device is a perfect tool for keeping track of things.

Whether you have a tablet or a phone, it’s likely that you have it with your most, if not all, of the time, and unlike a traditional paper diary, it’s something that you take care to ensure you don’t lose. Jorte Calendar is a powerful personal organizer app that replaces whatever stock calendar tool was provided with your device.
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AK Notepad: Simple Note-Taking on the GoAK Notepad: Simple Note-Taking on the Go

I find I often need to write something down quickly: a business idea, a quick to-do list, or something personal to remember later. Since I always have my smartphone with me, it makes sense to use that to keep notes, but unfortunately I find most note-taking apps frustrating to use compared to desktop or web apps.

AK Notepad is a good all-round app that suits my needs. It’s not exactly feature-rich, but it is versatile and simple to use. Here’s why I like it.
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Remember Every Great Meal With Evernote FoodRemember Every Great Meal With Evernote Food

Evernote’s known for its excellent cloud-based note taking app, but the team has been branching out recently. Last month we looked at Evernote Hello, which keeps track of the people you meet; today we’ll look at Evernote Food, which keeps track of the meals that you eat.

Evernote Food acts as an easy to use database for tracking your food experiences. It allows you to quickly take photos of your meals and easily tag them with the important information (what it is, where when you ate it, and how good it was), syncing it with your Evernote account for the easy access the company has a reputation for.
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Join In: The Official London 2012 AppJoin In: The Official London 2012 App

The Olympics. A time where the entire world comes together to share their love (or at least tolerance) of sport, urging to find out the results and view the spectacle. Personally, I love the Olympics, not just because it’s in my home country this year, but also because it shows what our countries can do. It creates heroes, champions and memories.

This year the London Olympics kick off on the 27th July, and Olympic fever has swept through England, with people all over the country wanting to embrace some of the action. However, keeping track of all the dates, venues and events is hard while trying to control the rest of your life. Don’t fear, though – we have the Official London 2012 App to help us!
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Google Schemer Is an Inspirational Way to Find Things to DoGoogle Schemer Is an Inspirational Way to Find Things to Do

Social networking is often used to record events that have already happened, or things that are currently taking place. Facebook lets you share your thoughts, ideas and photos with your friends, while Foursquare can be used to build up a record of the places you have visited.

Google Schemer is a little different as it enables you to plan for the future. This does not mean building up a to-do list of chores you need to complete, but compiling a list of things you would like to do – fun activities, dream, adventures and more.
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Drive With Zombies: A 3D Zombie Driving GameDrive With Zombies: A 3D Zombie Driving Game

Last week, my Nexus 7 arrived. I decided with its powerful ‘Quad-core Tegra 3 processor”, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play some of the best Android games around. So, I made a resolution to myself: “time to write more gaming articles” – and here we go!

Drive With Zombies is a 3D driving game which takes a basic concept and adds intense game play, creating a highly entertaining game.
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Manage Your Finances With MintManage Your Finances With Mint

As a freelancer I’ve gotten into the habit of being very meticulous with my finances. Weekly, I go over my income, spending, and projected income and expenses for the following weeks. I like to paint a two week picture of what my bank accounts will look like.

While I use several tools for this, Mint is what I use for spending, previous data, and organization. If I ever need to check something while I’m out, well, luckily they have a freshly minted (teehee) Android App.
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How to Remap Your Keyboard With KeyTweakHow to Remap Your Keyboard With KeyTweak

There are two piece of hardware that almost every computer user works with on a daily basis – a keyboard and mouse. A keyboard is not just used for typing; it can also be used to interact with programs with keyboard shortcuts.

It is likely that you are working with a keyboard that has a standard QWERTY layout, but this does not mean that you are stuck with it. Using KeyTweak, you can change the function of any of the keys to do something else.
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Work Healthy With WorkraveWork Healthy With Workrave

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Strain Injury and Myopia are painful byproducts of working long hours in a computer. If you’re not careful, they will lead to a situation where surgery will be the only option relieve your pain.

One of the easiest ways to prevent these ailments is to make sure that you take regular breaks when working to relax and stretch your muscles. But when you are so busy with work, you might forget to do that and that’s when Workrave comes in handy. Is it worth your time? Let’s find out!
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Improve Boot Times Using Startup DelayerImprove Boot Times Using Startup Delayer

Everyone wants their computer to run as quickly as possible, but one of the most frustrating problems that can blight a computer is slow startup.

Almost every computer has a number of program that run automatically when Windows starts, and Startup Delayer is a tool that can be used to take control of these and help speed things up.
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Take Control of Windows With WindowMenuPlusTake Control of Windows With WindowMenuPlus

Computers are all about multi-tasking and this usually means having a large number of programs running at the same time, and having numerous windows open simultaneously.

WindowMenuPlus is a free tool that places you firmly in control over how these windows are positioned, how they look and much more, including enabling you to free up system memory and kill troublesome processes.
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XWidget: An Easy and Customizable Widget EngineXWidget: An Easy and Customizable Widget Engine

XWidget is Windows software that brings the famous Mac OSX dashboard to Windows computers while adding some new features of its own. There’s several Windows dashboard programs out there, but XWidget stands out from the crowd by almost perfectly balancing ease of use with customizability, including many unique features not found in any other dashboard software.

There are several other similar programs: Rainmeter (an extremely powerful but complicated program), Yahoo! Widgets (now discontinued), Google Desktop (also discontinued), and Microsoft’s Sidebar which comes bundled with Windows 7. XWidget is an excellent, easy alternative to a more difficult program such as Rainmeter, while still remaining more featured than the spartan Windows 7 Sidebar, packing a couple of surprises in its tiny package.
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Replace the Command Prompt With PowerCmdReplace the Command Prompt With PowerCmd

Anyone who has used Windows for a number of years will remember the occasional requirement to work with DOS. Although Windows has a rich and powerful graphical user interface, there are still times when the command line, if not DOS from the days of old, is still useful.

But the command prompt that is available by default is both limited and restricted, and this is where PowerCMD comes to the rescue.
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Save the State of Program With Cache My WorkSave the State of Program With Cache My Work

To make it easier and faster to pick up from where you left off with your work, it is possible to place your computer into sleep or hibernation mode. This not only gives you faster start times for Windows, but also ensure that the programs you were using are available just as you left them.

But when you need to restart your computer, you have to manually reopen all of the files you were using; this is, until you install Cache My Work web site .
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How to Take Great Screenshots with PicPickHow to Take Great Screenshots with PicPick

Everyone needs to take screenshots from time to time. Whether you want to grab a shot of an error message, want to copy an image from a web site, or want to record a high score in your favorite game, it’s handy to be able to capture what is displayed on your screen.

For basic screen grabbing, you need look no further than the PrtScr key on your keyboard, but if you want more control over the capturing process, you should take a look at PicPick, a powerful free tool that includes a huge number of capturing options as well as a built in image editor.
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Heroes Of Newerth: One of the Big 3Heroes Of Newerth: One of the Big 3

Into its second year of retail , Heroes of Newerth has brought thousands of people joy for the past two years. Though S2 Games may have had their ups and downs, we can safely say that Heroes of Newerth has found success in this niche genre known as the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (or MOBA) genre.

One of three of the major names in the MOBA genre, Heroes of Newerth has advanced MOBA games by being one of the first games with these features. Read on if you’re curious to what these features are!
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3RVX: A Simple Crossover of OS X’s Volume Display3RVX: A Simple Crossover of OS X’s Volume Display

Apple has brought us innovations beyond believe, enriching our everyday lives with their products and giving superb service. Their technology amazes, inspires and excites people all over the world. However, there’s still a majority of us who admire Apple, but are dedicated Windows users.

One of Apple’s unique features is their amazing interface with beautiful graphics. This has caused developers to take the best parts and transfer them over to Windows. 3RVX is a simple service which gives you volume display of Mac OS X on your Windows desktop. Read on to find out whether its worth your time!
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Ease Up Your (Virtual) Social Life With YoonoEase Up Your (Virtual) Social Life With Yoono

Social networking has become a part of our life. You probably have accounts in god knows how many social network sites. You tweet, share photos in Flickr, videos in Youtube and do everything in Facebook. Logging into each account everyday can be time consuming and boring. Wouldn’t it be better if you were able to manage all your accounts at once?

Yoono helps you to do just that by letting you access and manage all your social networking accounts in one place. Read on to find out more.
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Backup Your Valuable Data For Free With CrashPlanBackup Your Valuable Data For Free With CrashPlan

It is very hard to place a value on your hard drive. The drive itself may not be all that valuable, but it is likely that many of the files you have stored on it are irreplaceable and completely priceless.

If you can’t imagine living without your digital photograph collection or losing the years of work you have stored on your computer, you need a backup plan. CrashPlan is a free backup tool that could be just what you have been looking for.
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Clearer Writing with ZenWriterClearer Writing with ZenWriter

Distraction free writing applications provide a minimal, basic writing environment focused on getting everything out of the way so you can focus on your words. They provide an alternative to more traditional program such as Microsoft Office. Instead of trying to provide everything a writer could possibly need, these applications provide few features and little or no formatting options.

They provide an environment where nothing gets between you and your writing. A well known free minimal writing application for Windows is ZenWriter. How does it do the job? Let’s find out!
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End the Tyranny of Costly Texts With WhatsAppEnd the Tyranny of Costly Texts With WhatsApp

One of my friends recently recommended that I try out Whatsapp and being the curious person that I am, I agreed. At first, I didn’t really get the point of it as I didn’t want to open a different application every time I wanted to text someone.

But considering the fortune that my carrier charges me for every text, I decided to give it a go, with great hesitation. I should probably tell you this: it was completely worth it.
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Quickly Resize Multiple Images With FreeSizerQuickly Resize Multiple Images With FreeSizer

When you have taken the time to take photographs, it seems a shame to keep them to yourself and leave the images stagnating on your hard drive. Just as regular photos are best framed and hung on the wall, so digital images should be shared with others as well.

If you have a web site or blog, you might want to post your favorite shots to share them with the world, or you may prefer to just share them with friends and family via email. Whichever of these applies to you, you’re probably going to need to resize your photos, and this is where FreeSizer can help you out.
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