Freebie Friday

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Purchasing software is an investment – and often an expensive one. But it’s amazing how many excellent free tools and utilities there are that make a big difference to our day.

What free software do you use on a daily basis, and how does it help?

  • Josh

    Notepad++ & Aptana Studio 3

    I love how easy Notepad++ works as a simple code editor as well as a replacement for Notepad. I switch between using it for simple HTML/CSS & Aptana for more complex sites with jQuery and PHP. It’s my personal preference when it comes to IDEs.

  • $_POST['FreeDOM']

    Mozilla firefox+firebug+fontfinder, WordPress, Joomla!, eclipse ,aptana , apache , wamp , quintessential mediaplayer+nettuts :D

    • Dhruv Kumar S

      All these +

      Linux OS + Google Chrome + Google Apps (FREE!!!!) + many many more. :)

  • Raúl

    I use Gimp, Blender, InkScape and Netbeans. Without this softwaqre I just can´t make anything

  • Miguel Antekera

    I use very often mamp to run a local server on mac and snippely to save parts of codes that i use frecuently

  • tom Bangham

    There are many program i use daily that are free:
    -Open Office is amazing not as pretty as Microsoft but has all the bells and whistles
    -Spotify i can not spend the days sitting at my desk with out some motivating music..annoying adverts but better than £10 a month..
    -Thunderbird / Firefox Mozilla products are getting better with every release Thunderbird has all my mail accounts connected to one folder different signatures per account and synced with my google calender very useful. Firefox is one of the better browsers on the market along with Chrome the add on’s expand the use of the browser to a ftp client as well as help me sort out website design issues.

    These are the main ones i use daily, any one know of a good free CRM system i can upload to my website or just use…

    • Josh

      Funny you should ask: I haven’t gotten to upload it but I just found this yesterday!

      SugerCRM Community Edition. I’ve heard good things. You can upload to your server.

  • Syuxx

    I use Notepad++ daily to do stuff realting with codes.
    It is an amazing free software :)

  • vamapaull

    Notepad++ every day! :D

  • Thim

    I use Dropbox all the time to back up my work and to have access to it wherever I am.

  • Kevin

    For me one of the best free software is dropbox it has helped me out many times.

  • Nick Plekhanov

    On a daily basis I prefer to use nice HeidiSQL for Database relation tasks, Snippely for storing my awesome snippets, and, of course, NetBeans for coding stuff.

    • Michal

      I’d like to second this suite. It’s been awesome for me. Add DropBox for syncing work and home workspaces, Notepad++ for those super quick edits and you’ve got yourself a dream team.

  • David Ferguson

    Amen for Dropbox.

    I also use Droplr a lot to share files.

    And wow, until I went looking for the free stuff, I didn’t realize just how much software I had purchased.

  • Jonathan


  • NormanW

    I use a free software called All2MP3. It converts f.ex. itunes MP4 to MP3.

  • Brandon Beasley

    Codeigniter, Netbeans, Notepad++, MySQL, MySQL Workbench, Fedora, Gimp, Kdiff

  • Bloggerschmidt

    Every day I use Jumpcut a lot. „Jumpcut make your clipboard dance.“, hehe. Get it!

  • Jim


  • Bill

    We use the following free software in our office:

    NotePad++ | Great text editor with syntax color highlighting. We use this for quick edits to HTML & CSS. Or when we want to compare a file with something we’re working with in Dreamweaver. | Great full-featured alternative to Microsoft Office. We use this exclusively in our office.

    TweetDeck | We use this to manage all of our social networking accounts. An alternative we are considering to switch to is HootSuite

    Multiple Image Resizer.Net | Great little tool for when you need edit multiple images in the same way. It allows you to edit photos in a lot of ways. Very useful for editing photos for ecommerce sites or blogs.

    Producteev | This tool is amazing. It’s a productivity web app. What makes it unique is that you can forward emails to a specific address and it will automatically create a task out of it. You can alse IM to it, tweet to it, google app and calendar to it, etc. And it has a sweet iPhone app for keeping on top of your tasks.

    Mozilla Thunderbird & Sunbird | Thunderbird is an Outlook alternative and Sunbird is a calendar that you can link to just about anything. And because they are Mozilla apps there are hundreds of add-ons for both.

    Those are all the ones I can think of right now. If I were at my computer and not writing this from my iPhone I would probably have more for ya.


    • John Bocook

      Don’t switch to hootsuite! When used in facebook, if other friends of that person also use hootsuite it will link all the posts together and they will have to click “2 other post’s from hootsuite” to see your content.

      That kind of defeats the purpose if you ask me.

  • Bill

    Oh yeah, and DropBox :)

  • boee

    Notepad++ for almost every text editing.
    Skype for communication.
    Dropbox for file sharing.

    And of course web applications, like GMail.

  • Ashish Bogawat

    Okay, where do I start…?

    Firefox (best browser ever, chrome notwithstanding),
    VLC (for playing any media at all, including FLVs),
    Freemind (nothing beats it for structured note-taking and ideation),
    Aptana & Notepad++ (HTML, CSS, that stuff; Aptana for projects, N++ for quick edits),
    Evernote (note-taking for long-term memory)
    Stickies (note-taking for short-term memory)

  • Rick Hambrook

    Free and open source software I can’t believe nobody has put Linux on here… Free and open source software provide so much to the world, not just in product but in lesson the lesson that openness and collaboration allows for brilliance.

    I use…

    Operating systems:
    Ubuntu, Debian, Android

    Server software:
    Apache, MySQL, PHP


    Desktop Software:
    NetBeans, Meld Diff Viewer, GIMP, Chrome, Firefox, Open Office, Skype, XBMC, Pidgin

    Web Apps:
    Google Analytics, GAFYD

    Frameworks such as jQuery

    And that’s not even counting all the additional software that the Linux distros have included. NetBeans is ok, but it bogs down with large projects. I’m yet to find a Linux program on par with PHPDesigner.

    • Banago

      I’m not that astonished that not many use Linux, but I make two of us. Good new is, Linux is catching up deservingly.

      I use:

      Operating systems:
      Ubuntu, Android

      Server software:
      Apache, MySQL, PHP


      Design Software:
      Inkscape, GIMP

      Coding Software:
      Bluefish, Gedit

      Office Software
      Open Office

      For a replacement of PHPdesigner, try Bluefish. And keep in mind Skype is not free (as in freedom) software.

    • Banago

      And how in the world can you use such an ugly CMS as Jojo?

  • Mauricio

    Notepad++, Blender, Dropbox and WordPress.

  • Jaymin Patel

    Gruml for Google Reader

  • jbaires

    pspad and aptana! yeah! also xampp, joomla and components, wordpress and plugins

  • DanielKeller

    vlc media player.. plays any kind of video format, best player ever

  • matt

    I use hootsuite, wordpress, evernote, and MAMP. WordPress by far gets the moust use but MAMP is super useful for developing locally

  • Marcy

    I have started using Aptana for website design/dev, in addition to many of the others that have been mentioned already, including GIMP, OpenOffice, Dropbox, Firefox, Thunderbird, Web Developer Toolbar.

  • ibib

    Dropbox & FileZilla. Free and awesome!

  • VF

    FileZilla, notepad++

  • Mocarg

    InType. Best editor ever!
    Has all sort of bundles. If you are in HTML mode type img than press “Tab” and it will code everything for you! You must check it out!

  • Simur


  • dr

    I really enjoy using Sidenote by Pierre Chatel for mac. I just mouse over the side and quickly create notes, drop snippets, jot ideas down and create notes on the fly for presentations.

    Shovebox is great too, for storing links to articles and online media.

  • Greg

    Comical, ComicRack for reading comics.
    LogMeIn- for remote dektop(free version)
    FileZilla – file transfer
    VLC, GomPlayer, SPplayer – video watching

  • jlapitan

    notepad++, xampp, wordpress, firebug, firefox,Web Developer Toolbar

  • jiewmeng

    Notepad++ with ZenCoding & Explorer plugins

    Netbeans for PHP (like the debugging capabilities and how you can use Ctrl+Click on a function to goto the defination)

    probably moving to Aptana Studio 3 when it have more PHP features

    Firefox + FireBug/FirePHP

    jQuery, 960gs

  • Didos27

    I personally tend to use SSuite Office’s free office software. Their software also doesn’t need to run on Java or .NET, like MS Office and so many open source office software, so it makes their applications very small and efficient. :)

    No trials, no registering your personal information, no strings attached at all. Just free office software. :D

  • Fawad Hassan

    Wamp (Apache, PHP, MySql)
    Firefox (Firebug)
    Maxthon 3 (Free but not Open Source)
    Orbit Downloader (Free but not Open Source)

  • der

    Mozilla Firefox / Thunderbird / SeaMonkey, Chromium, Filezilla, Adium, Skype

    Netbeans, GEdit (mac), XAMPP, VirtualBox, DiffMerge

    Inkscape, Gimp, Blender

    VLC, MPlayer

  • teer

    i like camstudio screen capture and open

  • watermelonbunny

    I use notepad++ all the time (even for my text notes),
    FlashDevelop for actionscript projects,
    Zumodrive to back up my development files,
    Apache Xampp for local host,
    Filezilla for FTP, Navicat Lite for database design and management,
    Firefox and Firebug+addons for QA,
    Digsby for IM, email notice and social applications,
    Skype for overseas conversations,
    Winamp for my long, long ears,
    Avast! antivirus,
    If it wasn’t for windows and Adobe products (big if), I’d be all freeware.

  • Derrick

    I just love Dropbox and Highrise.

    Just awesome…



    - Dropbox
    – Notepad++
    – Firefox
    – MODx
    – WordPress
    – MediaPortal

  • CraigSnedeker

    Notepad++ for FPT editing. Wonderful.
    Editpad for code editing
    Blender (Yay!) for 3d

  • Syscl

    I’m using Fedora Linux as my primary OS, which came with many free software which also very useful for my daily basis:
    – Chromium, the blue Google Chrome, as my default web browser with developer tools
    – Hey, Mozilla Firefox too! it has firebug..
    – Kwrite for coding XHTML, CSS, JS, etc. man, I love its syntax highlighting feature..
    – GIMP for graphic related
    – FileZilla for working with FTP
    – And many-many more.. very happy having & using them.. :D

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  • Goran Halusa

    TextWrangler, Sequel Pro, Aptana Studio, Dropbox