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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Envatos Most Wanted - Signage

Many congratulationsto the following authors who took part in our Envato’s Most Wanted event where we invited authors to submit Signage to GraphicRiver for a cut of the $1000 bounty:

All authors will be receiving cash (PayPal/Skrill) payments within the next couple of weeks and will also receive an Envato’s Most Wanted badge! 8-) Meanwhile, you can see all the entries to the contest within our Signage category.

And now for a few Success Stories

jenglot has won $200 for submitting 8 items and has already had 20 sales combined worth $120!

Outdoor Banner Vol. 4
Jenglot - Outdoor Banner Vol. 4

cooledition has won $125 for submitting 5 items and so far one item has 21 sales worth $147!

Multipurpose Outdoor Banner Signage
cooledition - Multipurpose Outdoor Banner Signage

corrella has won $25 and so far has the top selling item in the Signage category with 22 sales worth $132!

Multipurpose Banner
corrella - Multipurpose Banner

Congratulations once again and keep an eye out for future Envato’s Most Wanted events across all our marketplaces! :)