The Big Like Switch. Do You Want In?

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Do you have a blog? Do you have a Facebook Fan Page?

Do you want to grow your Facebook Likes & get a boost in traffic to your blog?

Well get involved in The Big Like Switch!

This post originally appeared on the marketplace forums.

What Is “The Big Like Switch”?

The Big Like Switch is a single blog post that is posted on numerous design blogs and websites with the single aim of driving traffic and exposure to all of the participating websites.

The blog post will list each website that is participating with a short excerpt about that website, a link to them and like button or link to their Facebook page.

The blog post will then be posted on each participating website as well as being promoted on their Facebook page, resulting in a huge amount of promotion for each individual website.

Entry Requirements:

  • You must have an established design related blog
  • You must have an established Facebook Fan Page

I Want In! How Do I Enter?

Please don’t go promoting your website or Facebook page in this particular thread. Please simply comment in the forum to say you want in, then send me your details via my profile page and I will keep you updated.

Hopefully this idea will generate us some really good traffic!

  • Yvonne Thompson

    Flowtorch and The Big Like Switch are awesome! Want to feature you on the Geekpreneur web show ( Send Skype ID. Contact for details.