The 3DOcean Celebrity Face Challenge Has Begun!!!

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other then being really, really, ridiculously good looking? (quote from Zoolander).

The Brief

The task of this competition is straight forward: Create a bust sculpt of your very own, personal, virtual star! Think about what makes a celebrity so appealing on screen and try to capture a charismatic personality in a digital sculpt.

The winners will be judged by the quality of the final result, the overall scope of work and attention to detail, the skill level displayed in the WIP documentation, presentation and the star appeal of your celebrity creation. Be sure not to copy a particular person exactly or use their names so you won’t get into trouble with angry Hollywood agents!

For those who are new to the site, Envato only recently expanded into the realm of 3D and with the “Celebrity Face Challenge” we are aiming to get 3DOcean started on growing a comprehensive resource for CG artists in the fields of cinematography and gaming!

Time Frame

The competition starts as of this moment and closes on the 24th of February 2011. Last submissions will be accepted until 6pm GMT + 0:00.

Valid entries

  • You may use either Zbrush, Mudbox or 3Dcoat as your sculpting software.
  • For your sculpt to qualify as a valid competition entry you need to show your work in progress in a WIP thread on a forum of your choosing and provide the link upon submission. This is to ensure the competition stays fair and to give everyone the same time frame to work with. No using existing work that has been fine tuned over a long period of time.
  • The face of your celebrity needs to be sculpted in a neutral expression but must have at least one facial expression on a layer. Whether that expression is a smile, a scream, blue steel … or some other expression is up to you!
  • The base mesh of the bust must not exceed 6000 polygons (not counting the hair model, teeth, tongue and other accessories you may add).
  • Your bust should not have a texture but you may polypaint it if you wish.
  • Make sure the final presentation of your sculpture is comprehensive and professional.
  • Finally your creation must be submitted for review to 3DOcean. IMPORTANT : State clearly that you are submitting your item as a competition entry in the message to reviewer and provide the link to your WIP thread. If your model passes the review process it will be accepted onto the site and you have a valid entry!


First Place Receives

  • $500 spending money!
  • $100 worth of marketplace credit!
  • Featured artist on 3DOcean front page for one week
  • And, of course, the customary “Won A Competition” badge!

Second Place Receives

  • $150 for a downloadable version of Unwrella
  • $100 worth of marketplace credit!
  • $60 for a Gnomon Workshop DVD of choice

Third Place Receives

  • $100 towards a new graphics tablet of your choice
  • $50 worth of marketplace credit!

Fourth Place Receives

  • $50 for a Gnomon Workshop DVD of choice
  • $50 worth of marketplace credit!

Fifth Place Receives

  • $50 worth of marketplace credit!

Additional Info

There are quite a few hoops to jump through to get there, but once your item is up on the site, you not only have a valid entry to the “Celebrity Face Challenge” and a chance at getting your hands on the prizes involved, but you will have effectively created a product that you can call your own to do with as you please. Competition entries will be priced at a set price of $15 on the site and you are of course eligible to commissions from every sale generated by your product on 3DOcean as stated in the site policies!

Winners will be nominated by a select panel of Envato staff from the site management, review team and marketing department. Stay tuned to this thread for updates and the announcements!

For more details, check this forum thread about the competition.

Good Luck!

Good luck to all on your way to fame and fortune! May the best artist win!