Spoids for Xbox Competition:
Winners Announced

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Spoids is an awesome planet defense game for Xbox that uses AudioJungle items for its background music and sound effects. We’re giving away three copies for free. The competition is over, and we’re ready to announce the winners!

Our winners all left witty, entertaining comments to win their prize. But they weren’t chosen on the basis of their wit – that was done entirely at random!

Here they are:

  1. Peter Sawyer, who left the comment:

    Looks like a blast……

  2. Joshua Maddox, who left the comment:

    I think I should get this game as I don’t think there is anyone better for the job of saving planets than myself. Why? Because I am a seasoned professional at defending places from the likes of an alien menace, mutated creatures and zombie uprisings.

    Give this game to me and trust me I’ll keep the world safe!

  3. And Eric, who left the comment:

    why? well, my wife will shoot me if i buy another game anytime soon. but she can’t argue with free!

Congratulations, guys. Enjoy! I’m glad the game is in good hands.

  • http://www.kenaudio.com/ Kenaudio

    Oooooooh…..Congrats to all winners;)!!!

    Have fun with that game!!!!