Movember Competition Winners and General Mo Madness!

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Movember is an exciting time for the Envato community. With hair sprouting from upper lips everywhere, the race to find Envato’s best Mo becomes a gruelling challenge. Throughout the month of November, hopeful winners upload photos of their progress to the Offical Movember thread.

First and foremost I would like to congratulate our Gold Mo Bro winner for 2012 – DarkStarDesigns. He was pitted against some stiff upper lip competition, but his YMCA Mo really stood out! Well done DarkstarDesigns, you are the proud new owner of a Gold Mo badge.

Our Gold Mo Sista Award for 2012 goes to Tamixes! She stole the show with a creative Mo made of plasticine. :) Tamixes has also won herself a Gold Mo badge, congratulations Mo Sista!

This year the competition has been intense. Staff and community members have put their pride on the line and let their Mo’s take control. Whether they were going to a wedding or  throwing their baby’s first birthday party, if there was an important event in November, they brought their Mo along too. We couldn’t let all that hard work go un-noticed, so all those who added Movember pictures to the Offical Movember Thread will be rewarded with an awesome Mo badge. Check out how dashing and classy they are.

Last but not least here are some pictures from the Envato Movember effort. So be impressed. Be very impressed.

Joshua Sprague shows us what it’s all about. Guns, Roosters and Mo madness.

Brad introduces us to the Movember Rainstache.

and I gave it my best shot….

A big Thank You to everyone who joined in, especially Joshua Sprague who created the Movember collage and the Premium Moustache Collection. You guys are awesome!

  • Adrian Try

    Fantastic! Congratulations winners. My favourite photo is the Envato logo on Brad’s left cheek.

    • lawrence77

      me too, give him a gold badge too :)

  • Quickandeasy

    Some fantastic entries! I could see a winner on Darkstar’s face as soon as he posted it!

    Congrats winners!

  • Best WordPress Themes 2012

    Congratulations Winners! Pics look funny! :)

  • ranfirefly

    That was awesome. :)

  • DarkstarDesigns

    Thanks very much, had great fun growing it!

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