Winner Announced: Enter 3DOcean’s First Competition

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Thanks to everyone who entered 3DOcean’s first competition. All the votes are in and we have determined a winner! Without further delay, the Oscar goes to… drum roll… contrastblack. Congratulations!

In the near future you will see his winner item as a banner ad on these sites:

Thanks again to everyone for your submissions! It was a close call and you will all have a chance again when the next banner item competition comes around. :)

Competition (Closed)

Heads up, creation nation and welcome to the first official competition on 3DOcean! 3DOcean is growing at a steady pace and there is a lot of content on the site that we can be proud of.

We have arrived at a point where I think it is time to put the word out there and really work on drawing in a wider audience! For this purpose we will hold a competition to create new high level items that we will then use to design the best banner ads ever and give everyone the chance at some major exposure in the process!

Ad Campaign Banner Item Competition

Starting today, you have until the 25 October 2010 to create an item, upload it to the site, get it approved for sale and post a link to it on this thread. The item you create is judged by a panel of three and the winners will be chosen based on the quality of the item itself, how good and complete the presentation is and how relevant/useful the item is to buyers.

We will choose one winner for each of the following categories:

  • 3DModels
  • CGTextures
  • Materials And Shaders

You only need an entry for one category but you can submit an entry for all of them if you like.

Creating a valid entry for 3DModels

Create a model, upload it, and get it approved for sale. The preview material must be of the highest quality since it will be used to represent the marketplace and it must display at least one excellent looking rendering and one wireframe. Once the model is up on the site, post its item link here in this thread. I would consider this an example of good practice:

Create a valid entry for CGTextures

Create a texture, upload it, and get it approved for sale. A texture must have a color map, a specular map and a bump or normal map, be to the power of two in side length, and be perfectly tileable. The preview must display an excellent looking rendering of the texture in action as well as close up section of the different maps. These are good examples of well presented CGTextures:

Create a valid entry for Materials And Shaders

Create a material (or a material pack), upload it, and get it approved for sale. A material must be of the highest quality  since it will be used to represent the marketplace. The preview material must display an excellent rendering of the material in action. The down loadable item must include the sample render scene as seen on the preview image. Here is an example of a well presented Shader:

The Winners

The winners will have their items made into official 3DOcean ad banners that will go up on these sites:

They will be up for the duration of one month with a direct link to the item pages! This means a serious increase in traffic and, hopefully, a drastic increase in sales to go with it!

Make sure you post your entries in this thread before it is locked on 25 October 2010. To qualify as a valid entry, you must state the category you are submitting for and your item link(s).

Envato staff are not allowed to partake in this competition.

If you have a blog, a Twitter account, a website or if you are an active member in any  online community, do spread the word and get as many people to take part in this as possible as this will ultimately grow the site and help everyone’s sales!

Happy creating, everyone!

For more details, see this 3DOcean forum thread.

  • Mass Focus

    Whoah ! Great competition and gotta love the prizes ! Everybody wins really : ) might consider joining 3d ocean as well.

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  • POG

    it’s really great design..very beautiful.thanks for sharing

  • contrastblack

    Got to drop by the blog more often… just saw this post :D

    Thank you so much, and hope it brings something to all.