Meet the ThemeForest Team

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Every week we’ll introduce you to an Envato staff member or team. This week we meet the ThemeForest reviewers.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that actual human beings sort through each and every submission to ThemeForest on a daily basis. The following staff members are highly active in the community forums, and review one or more categories. They’re friendly, so feel free to say hi to them!



  • Reviews: WordPress, PSD
  • Marketplace Member Since: August, 2008

Hi, I am Kailoon. I am a full-time freelancer, and recently setup my own company – Loondesign Studio. You can check out my online portfolio on my personal blog/portfolio. To learn more about my relationship with Envato, you can refer here.

I’ve worked almost twenty hours every day in the last two years, which lad to an unbalance lifestyle. Now, I try to balance my life with family gatherings, and outdoor sports, such as basketball and Futsal.

Jarel Remick


Hi everyone, I’m Jarel Remick. Along with the work I do for various Envato sites, I occasionally pick up freelance projects of assorted types related to design and/or web development. Though you would typically find an online portfolio for someone in my line of work, mine is currently unavailable while I take my time redesigning it. Although, I may end up redesigning it 10+ times before I’m actually happy with it! :)

I’ve been a member of ThemeForest since October, 2008 and became ThemeForest’s primary Site Templates reviewer a few months following. I occasionally assist with other categories and provide additional feedback on other types of items. You’ll also likely see me perusing the community forums, primarily ThemeForest’s. When reviewer feedback is requested in the forums, I do my best to respond as quickly as possible — though it’s always best, and most encouraged, to submit a support ticket for private and direct feedback.

Aside from work, I try to balance life with outdoor excursions such as hiking, camping or exploring the fascinating city of Las Vegas, Nevada — my current home. Photography is my newest hobby, though I’m still in very early learning stages. While developing my photography skills I collect and offer some of my photos as free assets for marketplace authors to use if they wish; no attribution or permissions necessary. Only photos within my gallery’s Author Assets category are restriction free for all Envato authors. All other photos are not to be used without my explicit permission.



  • Reviews: Magento
  • Marketplace Member Since: January, 2010

Hello, I’m Siddharth. I like to introduce myself as “the web guy” to people because I primarily work with web technologies. I am a regular author on Nettuts+, and run a small consultancy called Bodhi Labs. You can find my site/portfolio here. I generally tend to dabble in prototyping user interfaces, front end development and integrating/optimizing prebuilt solutions like WordPress, Magento and Expression Engine.

My hobbies include Chess, minimal weight training, video games and medium length jogs. I really love The Big Bang Theory, House and Chuck amongst the current shows with Frasier being my all time favorite.

PS – I wasn’t kidding about the web guy part. You can find photographs of my business cards here!

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