FITC Toronto 2011 Wrap Up

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Before I tell you about the event I just wanted to give a special thanks to Erin Kelly, Shawn Pucknell, Sandi Carmichael, the FITC crew, and volunteers. I don’t think people realize how much time and effort is put into an event like this. These guys all did an absolutely amazing job making sure everything ran smoothly. All I can say is that you couldn’t pay me enough to take on their jobs.

We got very lucky when it came to the location of the ActiveDen table. Not only was it the first one you hit when you walked in, but all that was separating me from the speakers was a curtain. When I wasn’t spreading the good word about ActiveDen, I was able to listen and sometimes even peek in.

There were some really amazing speakers. One that I particularly liked was Robert Hodgin’s session on data visualization. I’d love to describe it, but I won’t do it justice so you’ll just have to check out some of the things he’s done with code. Seb Lee-Delisle is another fun speaker who always gets the crowd going. He asked the big question: Is Flash dead or dying? The answer that I got out of it – quit squabbling and utilize the best tool for the job, whether it be Flash, HTML5, Unity, or whatever’s next.

It was fantastic to sit down and chat with some of the big industry names, whether they were speaking this year or not, including Tyler Wright, Tom Green, and.Unity’s Carl Callewaert. Jesse Freeman stopped by just before his session on bittling. Although he’s known for being brutally honest on his Twitter account, he’s a really nice guy.

FITC was an excellent place for networking. There were a lot of people looking for jobs as well as people looking to hire. A couple of technology recruiters from Hireglyphics, a headhunting agency in Toronto, were on the prowl for talent. They actually liked ActiveDen so much, they wrote a blog post about us.

If you’re on the fence as to whether or not to go next year, I’d highly recommend it. Whether you’re into Flash, Unity, or anything else in the industry, you’re going to learn and be inspired. Thanks, FITC, for putting this on and, as always, improving the development community!

  • Red

    Hey, are those shirts available anywhere? Looks really nice :-)

    • Lance Snider

      Yep, I do have a few left. You can have one as long as you’re a large and willing to come to Salt Lake to get it. 😀

  • Adrian Try

    Hi Lance. Thanks for the report – the ActiveDen table looks great. Though that’s the brightest coloured laptop I’ve ever seen! Love it!

  • goTo!

    Excellent. I hope I can go to that event in the near future.

  • Red

    @Lance: Darn I’m a medium, but I’ll gladly wear a large if it’s a curious shirt like that. Now I just have to figure out a way to teleport to Salt Lake 😀 Thanks anyway for the offer! :)

  • SEO in Toronto

    I’m from Toronto I wish I knew about this I definitely would’ve attended. Maybe next time!