Featured Workspace: Sergio Molina

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

This must be the busiest workspace we’ve featured so far. I guess we could call it “The Blackboard Workspace”. It looks dark and creative, and I like it.

Sergio has thoroughly labeled just about every piece of hardware—click on each image to check it out on Flickr if you’re interested. The main devices include a 42″ Panasonic monitor, a 15″ HP Envy laptop, a Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse, a Microsoft Sidewinder x4 keyboard, a Griffin PowerMate and a HP w2207h portrait monitor in portrait mode.

This is pretty chaotic but it makes perfect sense to me.

It’s easier for me to remember things when I write them on the wall. I test myself on typography terms, I write a lot of design/program notes, messages, quotes, and just notes in general. I use up a lot of chalk.

I have a laptop which I use mostly for school but also for photography and rendering.

Side note: I actually won that laptop seen above (HP Envy 15″). You can view my video entry here.

I’m a graphic/motion designer, compositor, and photographer. God only knows how much time I’ve spent sitting at this spot.

  • Originally I had a wireless (diNovo Edge) keyboard and (Sidewinder x8) mouse but they recently died out on me.
  • The monitor on the right constantly changes from landscape to portrait mode depending on what I’m working on. I love having that option.
  • On the right top corner I have 3 WD hard drives which add up to about 4TB’s. I’m paranoid =D
  • I have a lot of huge storyboards that I work on which aren’t displayed, they’re stored on the right side of the desk.

What do you think of Sergio’s workspace?

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  • http://twitter.com/jordan_mcnamara Jordan McNamara

    Wow! I love it!!

  • http://jareta.name jareta

    wew… ^^♥ cool, i like this style!

  • http://www.thefourthmachine.com Sergio A.M.

    Hey guys! Thanks for featuring it! Glad you enjoy it :D

    As a side note:
    I use the Panasonic flat screen to mirror my main monitor when showing clients the progress in their work, this way I don’t have to sit at an angle and have everyone crowd one monitor.

    I’m considering hanging it above my current monitors but i’m not sure if I trust any wall mounts to hold that amount of weight, especially considering I’d have a lot of expensive gadgets below it @_@

  • http://activetofocus.com activetofocus

    hehe,really good, I love it.

  • http://www.uxbooth.com Matthew Kammerer

    Letter to the editor: Be sure to add an http:// to that HP Envy youtube video. Feel free to delete this comment.

    • http://envato.com Adrian Try

      Thanks a lot, Matthew. I fixed the link.

  • http://graphicriver.net/user/raincutter Raincutter

    This is by far the coolest workplace. Awesomely insane!

  • http://www.magento-themes.jextn.com/ Magento Themes

    wow…this is very cool lifestyle..good post..very nice…

  • http://www.webiconitsolutions.com webdesign

    it is really too cool to u

  • http://www.webiconitsolutions.com webdesign

    Hi this is nice.

  • Alex

    Great blog post. However, I heard that the Microsoft Arc Touch is a better product than the Microsoft Arc Mouse. What do you think?


    • http://www.thefourthmachine.com Sergio A.M.

      I have the Arc Touch but I also have the original Arc mouse, both are great really, I use them for my laptop since I constantly take it from place to place.
      The Arc Touch takes the cake though, the touch strip in the middle is fantastic and the ergonomics of the mouse itself suit my hand perfectly!

  • Sabir

    Hey,what’s that side monitor near ur pc?

  • Vineet Kashyap

    Nice Setup man Realy cool Specialy i like the atmosphere and wall is prett cool Awesome Man . and Great apple products Love it man Best wishes :D

  • Vineet Kashyap

    Nice Setup man Realy cool Specialy i like the atmosphere and wall is pretty cool Awesome Man . and Great apple products Love it man Best wishes :D

  • http://onvideos.wordpress.com Mike

    Nice post, I’d quite like to know what he is using “lowest iso, f10-f11, 1-2sec shutterspeed” for!

  • http://pixelturf.com suhail

    awesome! awesome! awesome! loved it. rocking.