Featured Workspace: Jesper Andersson

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Home Office Setup

Are you a minimalist? Jesper Andersson is. Either that or he had a massive clean up before these photos were taken. I love the wooden desk, the matching metal, the missing mess, and that ever-popular Logitech MX mouse.

Here’s what Jesper says about his workspace:

My beloved workspace where I spend my day on various coding projects and mostly just having fun, testing different server setups and load balancing for various projects, this is just a scaled down version of the setup in the datacenter, making it really easy to migrate a multi-server project from this little setup to the full production setup.

Sadly this workspace is soon history, must make way to a more powerful setup.

Home Office Setup

What do you think of Jasper’s setup?

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  • http://graphicriver.net/user/Dzinc D’zinc

    Wooden desk always a plus. I just don’t think I’d be comfortable working with the display so far away from the chair. Anyway, great setup.

  • http://ideasandpixels.com Allen Gingrich

    Compared to my desk, which is covered in a thin layer of ash piled around dozens of stacked coffee cups, this is immaculate. Come to think of it, I don’t think a single table is my house is this clean.

    Does he keep all of his notes in only those four little binders?

  • Rachab

    what are those two stacked apple boxes, not sure exactly…

    • http://envato.com Jordan McNamara

      Looks like a Mac mini! Love the simple setup. The wooden desk is sexy!

  • http://www.dilyara.com/ Dilyara

    Ha-hah! Mine is covered with sketches, contracts in various stages of accomplishments, checks, cameras, cellphones (everyone docks here :) topped with professional strength ear muffs :)
    Bamboo Wacom tablet underneath :)

    Agree with D’zinc – the monitor is too far for being comfortable for my eyes as well :)

  • http://ufomuffin.com Alex

    Great setup, looks a lot like mine, except I always use a notebook to write down my notes.

  • http://www.sitebase.be Sitebase

    Very clean desk I must say.
    I also try to keep my desk clean because it seems to boost my concentration and work speed.
    But after a day or two it’s always covered in sticky notes and sketches :(.
    I aslo like the texture of the wooden desk.