Featured Workspace: Digital Zoom Studio

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

This workspace belongs to web developer Digital Zoom Studio, and ActiveDen and CodeCanyon author. As is pretty typical here, the desk is covered in Apple hardware. Less typical is the fax machine, and the visibility of those white Apple cables. This office looks lived in! At least while the iPhone and iPad are charging.

My workspace. Picture taken while charging the iPad and iPhone.

In the picture: trash bin, BENQ 27 LED, Mac Mini, awesome mug, iPad 2, Apple keyboard, i7 tower, MacBook Air, Logitech wireless mouse, Logitech wired mouse, Logitech 5.1 audio, APC UPS, lamp, quad core tower, ASUS 22 LCD, $10 keyboard, $10 mouse, $5 headphones, printer, iPhone 2G, ergonomic chair.

I love the vibe of this workspace. It’s great to see some budget gear in there, and an older iPhone. I wonder which computer is used most often, and what each computer is used for. Is that a white iPad, or just a white case?

Thanks for sharing! What do you think of Digital Zoom Studio’s workspace?

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  • http://www.istoredesigns.com Wordpress Themes – Website Templates

    Busy desk ;)

  • http://www.gustavodezen.com Gustavo Lima Dezen

    very very busy!!!

  • http://digitalzoomstudio.net ZoomIt

    The most used is on the computer on the left – because big screen + Mac OSX.

    I use the Mac on the left for CodeCanyon work, the PC on the right for ActiveDen work and the laptop for outside the desk / couch work.

    It’s an white iPad 2 . Couldn’t wait to get it so I payed like 900$ for the 500$ :( – I use it for testing.

    Thanks for featuring, Adrian!

    • http://envato.com Adrian Try

      Thanks for filling us in on those details. It was a pleasure to feature you!

  • Audas

    Meh – anyone still using apple products is a flat out traitor.

  • Vineet Kashyap

    Nice Man !

  • http://mike-mcmullan.com Mike McMullan

    You should give Synergy a try and only use one mouse for all those computers.

  • http://iweb-studio.com iWebstudio

    too much cables :)