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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

There are almost as many approaches to creating a profile image as there are authors. Some focus on showcasing artistic skills, others prioritize with slogans and company information. Some show their personal photo, while others display abstract forms. This one belongs to Crozer.  Check below for four more! Which is your favorite, and why?


DesignDesposit. “Attempting to create the theme of a physical store with the awnings etc.”

duotive. “Really happy of what my partner did with this one. All made with brushes and shapes. And excuse me but i wanted to share the one on the support forums too…”

“Even the worker cap is made with shapes. He is really good with this stuff.” :D

  • http://www.crozer.me Chris (Crozer)

    Are you trying to make the man inside of me tear up? Thank you!