Author Interview: dBlever

Living in Perth, Australia, playing guitar and other instruments, escaping to “the cave”, and a very long list of gear (that includes a lava lamp). This week we meet Dale Sigley (dBlever) from AudioJungle.

Author Interview: E-Flex

Starting a new song idea with an interesting chord, getting hooked on FL Studio, having high goals in the electronic dance music industry, and not being able to go outside much during Sweden’s winter.

Author Interview: Luca Francini

Using cellos like Hans Zimmer, discovering a love for dance music while at the conservatorium, taking strobist photos with his girlfriend, and placing links to his AudioJungle profile everywhere he can.

Author Interview: Brandon Matias

Moving to Nashville to get serious about music, a studio that’s a work in progress, ukuleles and hand clapping, and “it’s not the gear, it’s the ear!” This week we meet Brandon Matias (brandonamatias) from AudioJungle.