ThemeForest Theme Used for Slaughterhouse’s Official Site

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Authors Patrik Larsson and Quickandeasy were surfing the web this week, and stumbled on the site in the image above: These guys spend so much time on ThemeForest that they can spot a theme anywhere. They instantly recognized that the site is using Denoizzed’s King Size – fullscreen background WordPress theme.

[Update: It’s been pointed out numerous times in the comments (thanks guys) that the theme is actually Studio8, so all congratulations go to udfrance instead!]

The site is is the official home on the Web for the well-known hip hop group Slaughterhouse, which consists of rappers Crooked I, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz and Royce da 5’9″ (and is promoted by Eminem). The theme is very effective for this type of site, and features a playlist of tunes featuring the group, a slideshow of images of each group member, as well as links to their Twitter handles.

Patrik explains:

It’s quite modified but it’s still a theme from ThemeForest and they have probably hired a freelancer to customize it as much as they have, still pretty cool though if you ask me. :)

I think it’s pretty cool too, Patrik. On Envato Notes we love giving recognition to authors when we discover their work being used in the real world. So, a huge congratulations to Denoizzed.

Here is his theme on ThemeForest:

What do you think of Denoizzed’s theme, and the way it was used on Slaughterhouse’s site?


20 thoughts on “ThemeForest Theme Used for Slaughterhouse’s Official Site

  1. yes, whatever it is, it sure doesn’t display the same to me on IE8, FF10 and Chrome (in XP). after looking at the site in all 3, ihave no idea what the home page should look like, although I assume that what I see in Chrome might be closest.


  2. I see where the confusion lies – the Slaughterhouse front image is the stock photo KingSize uses in their demo… The band or their designer just dropped photos of the band members into that picture of the barn.

  3. Good day, my english is very bad. I purchased the template Studio8 and I have a problem when I install the plugin qtranslate everything works fine unless the menu. I’ve seen that in the case of success it is the same, in the url after the domain is added # / …. you can delete this break to work properly I qtranslate plugin? thanks

  4. Has anybody else noticed that on the sales graphic for studio 8 it says it is offered in ‘black & shite’ ? I am guessing the author might want to correct that! Nonetheless it is a great theme :)

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