Case Study: Use Collections as SEO-friendly Landing Pages

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

So, you’ve hired yourself as your own marketing manager. I hope you’re being a slave driver! Are you making good progress? By now, hopefully you have:

But what if you want a landing page that is more targeted than your profile page. Say you want to draw attention to a specific subset of your items. Then do what Lance did. Use collections!

As site manager of ActiveDen, Lance Snider had a concern that you authors may share. He wanted to draw attention to a specific subset of items—Flash Facebook templates. If that sounds familiar, it is because we covered it here last week.

Like Lance, you might have a special subset of your items that you want to draw buyers’ attention to. Or you may have created items in totally different categories, and feel it makes sense to list those categories in separate lists. Or perhaps you want to feature your “best of the best” items. In each of these cases, collections are the answer.

When you create your collections, here are four things that Lance did that you should keep in mind:

  1. He used a decent amount of keyword-rich text. You want Google to find you, and find you for the right reasons.
  2. He created an short, easy-to-digest title. Again, it’s keyword rich. Grab the buyers’ attention as soon as they find your collection. Make sure they instantly know what it’s about.
  3. He added three larger images that have good names, alt text, and have associated HTML text right under them. He selected some of the best items, allowing him to create a good hierarchy of files.
  4. He added some great files to the collection to better show off the category.

Can you see any opportunities where collections will help your marketing efforts? Have a serious talk to your marketing manager today. Put yourself to work!

To find out more about collections and how to create them, refer to Public Collections and Their Uses in the Envato Marketplace Wiki.