Case Study: Promote your files on your own website

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

A great way to promote your marketplace items is to feature them on your own website. Many of the authors we’ve interviewed agree.

On your own site you’re completely in control of the branding, the items you give prominence to, and the way you display them. Your site may be seen by eyes that normally don’t see your marketplace profile. And you don’t have to share the space with anyone else!

Are you thinking about creating your own site? Need inspiration? One person who has created an excellent job promoting his files this way is ActiveDen author Damojo. When we recently interviewed him, he talked about how he promotes his files:

In order to market my files I run a blog (it really needs to be redesigned) where I post all my files to drive some extra traffic to my ActiveDen portfolio. In addition I publish every file on the Adobe Exchange, which takes a while to approve but is definitely worth it to generate a few sales.

I also post file news on Twitter and my Facebook page.

Check out Damojo’s website here. Notice that his huge list of ActiveDen files are clearly displayed. And the navigation menu at the top categorizes the files well.

Damojo is also making wise use of our Referral Program, displaying ads to each Envato marketplace along the top and right hand of his site. So even if the visitors to his site buy someone else’s items from the marketplaces, he still makes money!

What do you think of Damojo’s site? Have you created a website to promote your marketplace items? Let us know about it in the comments.