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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

“How long does it take to become successful in the marketplaces?” Well, for everyone it is different. But it doesn’t have to take long. Kaptinlin is a great example.

Kaptinlin is a new ThemeForest author – he became a marketplace member only last month. He has a single item on the marketplaces, pictured above. I first heard about him in a couple of tweets from @Collis recently.

The first tweet is encouraging for all new authors:

The great thing about ThemeForest is a brand new author can create a smash success with their very first theme –

This was followed up with another tweet with the juicy details:

That theme has sold $13,000 worth in 2.5 weeks, and is still going very strong! Well done kaptinlin!

That’s amazing. Stop drooling! In around a month Kaptinlin has made 476 sales of his single item which costs $35. He has also collected 67 followers and 277 comments. I haven’t read all the comments, but the ones I saw were all very positive. Here’s an example from repeater75:

“This is hands down the best theme I have ever worked with for WordPress and the support is first-rate. Thanks for the phenomenal work. I am really enjoying the flexibility offered by your very well-considered admin interface. It goes much deeper thanks to the very granular control options for colors, fonts, and much more. I can’t say enough what a pleasure it is to use this theme after some less pleasant experiences recently. Your admin framework is nothing short of amazing and my site looks beautiful!”

Many of the other comments are similar, and speak of the usefulness and quality of the item, and the responsiveness of the support. Congratulations, Kaptinlin. I’m sure your success will continue!

So, this case study proves that it’s possible to achieve success in the marketplaces quickly, but it doesn’t say much about how to get there. You may be wondering if Kaptinlin has any secrets, and whether he’s willing to share them. In the coming months we’ll see if we can bring you a detailed interview with him.

  • Chris Molitor

    That’s amazing! Nice job Kaptinlin. It’s no surprise you’re doing so well. That’s a beautiful template.

  • POG

    i’ts really amazing design template…like it.Thanks so much

  • some name


    all themes on themeforest are the same… its boring…

  • Leonardo Wyskiel

    Hi! Is there the envato news theme foro sale in themeforest? It would be great has the possibility to buy it! Thanks

  • greedybrown

    This is an awesome case of how an author can grow up such big money in a short time by selling on Marketplace However, not all author can do the same .

  • Andre Hart

    Really best arranged theme – with true understanding of UI, of how WP was meant to be used. Everything – absloutely everything – is on its place. I’m not a friend of this dude and i know the saying about “genius things are simple” also isn’t new, but i tryied much themes – dunno what they were thinking.

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  • Joyce L

    I came across this thread while searching the support forum for a css trick. Its amazing that two years later, this Striking theme is still an amazing theme, that stands head and shoulders above the pack.

    I did not know Striking when I first found Themeforest, but I wish i had as it would have saved me some pain with the tryouts of other themes. Every theme has something in it that is nice, but when it comes to expanded abilities to change a look, or customize an element I have discovered Striking is the absolute king.

    I might add that the support from the Striking guys is unbelievable.

    I am not in any way related – just thought I would note that, for the record.