Be Professional. Be Believable. Brand Your Profile Page!

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

I keep having to tell new authors to brand their marketplace profile pages. And they wonder why they aren’t making sales. As a buyer myself, if you won’t even take the time to set up your profile, I’m not going to risk buying your items. Is this not common sense?

  • WizyLabs

    Really helpfull :)

  • AdiPurdila

    That’s a great advice Jeffrey and awesome screencast.

    Definitely worth watching and it’s really something to learn from. Keep em’ coming :)

  • krike

    Going to update my item thumbnails and profile when I get back home today :) thanks for the tips

  • James Koster

    Thanks for mentioning Jigowatt Jeffrey, even though we’ve just changed our logo and rebranded haha – perfect timing.

    Anyone reading this please ignore our thumbnails/preview shots until they’re updated later this week :-)

  • BRA$E

    Very insightful and helpful. I have been a customer of code canyon but I am definitely making the leap to begin providing my own content next year.

  • Ryan

    Thanks Jeff,

    Great advice especially since I am about to submit my first ever item to ThemeForest! :)


  • Jason

    Funny timing for this post, I’ve been stressing over branding myself on Theme Forest the last few weeks and am finally on my way!

  • Jordan McNamara

    Really can’t stress enough how important this is for sales guys. I love, for example, how DDStudios uses Apple style marketing techniques in his item descriptions.

  • Patrik Larsson

    Not only does a well written, well styled profile help, the branding also gives you a type of recognition and will bring you sales, followers and subscribers. I stressed this in the first chapter of my book too. Marketplace Tips & Tricks.

    Ever since I re-branded my profile with a new logo and a completely new style a few weeks ago, both my sales and followers have increased in a steady rate each week. Check it out and let me know your thoughts!

    Haven’t come around to fix my previews for my items yet though, but I’m getting there 😉 Working on something pretty unique for them!

  • Sitebase

    Very good post Jeffrey.
    It seems to be the branding month :). I also updated my profile page yesterday.

    Thanks for the metion!

  • Bradley

    The video is good, but I feel it lacks one important point. I don’t believe it places enough emphasis on the branding being unique! Having a brand is important, but it is far more beneficial to have a unique brand!

    Being that thumbnails are really the first impression of a product, it is important to make yours stand out amongst the crowd.

    If authors copy Jigowatts “style” of thumbnail it will be increasingly difficult to spot a Jigowatt product amongst the imitators. And it looks horrible for the imitators as it seems that they are trying to “leech” sales by imitating an established brand.

    Its difficult to cram so much valuable information into just 80² pixels (thumbnail) – but you must find a way to do this uniquely. (don’t look at ours – we are still working on this our selves.)

  • egirldesign

    Thanks Jeff! This is really helpful :)

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