Why Do We Create Bundles?

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Envato ran the very first Birthday Bundle in 2009. Since then, the Birthday Bundle has become a yearly fixture and we now run a variety of different Bundle promotions every few months. We create Bundles for a variety of reasons and we want to tell you all about it.

What is a Bundle?
Envato Bundles are a collection of our best Marketplace items priced at over $500 in value. We then sell these Bundles for $20 (for a limited time). Envato Bundles drive immediate sales to the Marketplaces and introduce buyers to new authors, new marketplaces, new categories, and new types of items.

Almost all of our Bundles have sold well, but more interestingly, we always see an ongoing bump in sales in each category after the Bundles finish. For example, after we created and promoted the Ultimate After Effects Bundle, we saw a significant ongoing increase in After Effects item sales on VideoHive. The files being purchased are not just from Bundle participants either, but all authors who sell top quality After Effects files.

Why do we run Bundles?
We find that many people who visit our sites for the first time don’t know the full extent of our Marketplaces and all the items on offer. For example, before I began working at Envato I was a customer on ThemeForest. I spent three years promoting iPhone apps in different capacities, but I had no idea that I could create a professional app commercial by buying a $25 app commercial template!

There are now more than 2.6 million items being sold across our Marketplaces. Bundles help us promote a range of items and help us find convenient ways to suggest different items to new buyers.

In the past, authors have raised concerns about Bundles hurting their sales. On that issue, I can discuss some of the analysis I’ve done on how people generally buy items from the marketplaces.

How do Bundles affect Marketplace sales?
In most cases, buyers are looking for something very particular. They often spend well over an hour on the site before buying and they almost always leave and come back a couple of times before actually purchasing a file. This suggests that most people will buy something because it fits a very specific need (not just because it is in a Bundle).

Most importantly, we have data that shows lots more ongoing sales as a result of running the Bundle vs. not running a Bundle. When people are buying more stuff, everybody wins.

How we pick Bundle items:
Most of the Bundle items are chosen by our Review Team. They view every single item that makes it’s way onto our Marketplaces and they keep a look out for any standout items.

The next Bundle is coming in January:
We’ve listened to some of the community feedback we received after the last Bundle and we are getting more community involvement in picking the Bundle files. If you’d like to nominate a file, you can read more about the Join the Bundle Competition on the forums.

If you are interested in getting notified about future Bundles, you can sign up for our Super Sale newsletter at EnvatoBundles.com