The Print Designer Bundle – Coming Soon!

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Do you love print design? Get prepared for our upcoming Print Designer Bundle.

For only $20 the Print Designer Bundle is packed with over $500 worth of useful print design items from GraphicRiver, PhotoDune and a few cheeky ThemeForest goodies.

We’ll be launching this awesome Bundle on October the 16th at 12pm AEDT, so make sure you don’t forget to grab a copy!

When Can I Buy?
The Bundle will run for 7 days only, from 12pm on the 16th of October until 12pm on the 23rd of October AEDT.

Earn Cash by Promoting the Bundle
You can earn cash by promoting the Print Designer Bundle with our affiliate banners. We’ll be making the banners available as soon as the Bundle goes on sale. Check back here for affiliate banners and help us promote! :)

  • Bilal .K

    I simply cannot wait !!

  • Matthew Butler

    cymk woo

  • Mike

    These bundles are great BUT…I think annoucing them 6 days prior hurts sales of current items greatly. Im already afraid to make a purchase this morning because it happened to me on the last bundle, a 40 dollar item was in the bundle that I paid full price for 2 weeks prior!

    Why not just run the dam thing and avoid all the lost sales? makes 0 sense (literaly).

  • Mike Ember

    can’t wait ;)

  • Metrothemes

    can’t wait

  • MelonadeStudios

    Awesomeness! I wish that my only current print template will be included, would be SO amazing! Looking forward to buying soon :)

  • James

    sad that these bundles are not eligible for future version update.

  • gcreatives

    wow, must buy this bundle

  • FM

    Cant wait tooooo

  • LM

    I literally cried when I missed this one. Will be on Holiday’s template tomorrow no matter what’s in it. These are oh so fabulous.