The Digital Trends Bundle: How We Predicted What Will Be Hot in 2014

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The biggest trends of 2014 are already selling fast. You could spend hours combing each Marketplace for new files, or you can grab our first bundle for 2014—The Digital Trends Bundle. Read on to learn more, and see our predictions about this year’s trends.

What’s Included in the Bundle?

The bundle includes $500+ worth of trend-setting files for just $20—our predictions of what will be hot in 2014. These sure-fire hits include Bitcoin tools and icons, forward-thinking WordPress themes, flat design elements, geometric backgrounds, beards in many styles, a call out to food trucks, and much more.

Flat Design

It’s flat, it’s one page, it’s parallax and it’s inAdobe Muse! Flat and clean is perfect as a showcase or portfolio.


According to, the upcoming trend is all about “wordplay”. Come up with your own witticisms via this mockup.


Go beyond 3D stick men. This After Effects template is filled with timeless detail.

Retro Pastels

Instagram-like food shots are set for the big time this year, as is a muted pastel color scheme.

Want it all? The Digital Trends Bundle is only available for 14 days, from 12pm, 15th January 2014 AEDT to 12pm, 29th January 2014 AEDT.

What Do You Think the Biggest Trends Will Be in 2014?

We asked around Envato HQ, and it seems that everyone has an opinion about this year’s trends:

Stewart Boon

Stewart Boon (Product Manager)

“I reckon floating navigation elements (eg. refinement filter, social sharing, purchase boxes, save buttons etc.) that are relevant no matter where you on a page will take off.”

Alex Holmes

Alex Holmes (Senior Customer Acquisition Manager)

“Explainer videos, Bitcoin payment processing, flat design, mobile squeeze pages… and bearded stock photos.”

Dan Michael

Dan Michael (Elite Program Manager)

“More user-centric design, less device-centric focus. I think voice control and wearable technology are going to be big for 2014.”

Damir Kotorić

Damir Kotorić (User Experience Designer)

“Increased use of CSS animations, designs that respond to the user’s physical environment, increased popularity of one column design.”

Saijo George

Saijo George (SEO Marketing Analyst)

“Infinite scroll, drag and drop page builders, one-page websites.”

Michelle Robinson

Michelle Robinson (Search Product Manager)

“Simple design, white space, sticky nav, long scrolling, more fonts and loads more video. PhoneGap and Elastic search!”

Ben Smithett

Ben Smithett (Front End Developer)

“Websites/apps designed and built with game consoles in mind. Xbox One and PS4 have serious browsers, adaptive content, the end of those ‘download our app!’ popovers on mobile websites (I really really hope).”

Rebecca Chen

Rebecca Chen (Marketing Analyst)

“Other than what everyone else said, I think 3D printing, interactive parallax, adaptive logo design, visual blocking, video backgrounds, full-width backgrounds and fixed header bars will come into vogue. I also think that bokeh backgrounds will still be pretty popular!”

Whether you love it or hate it, Damir said it best,

It’s not so much the particular techniques, but more so how people implement them. The problem with trends is that designers will throw them into their websites just because everyone else is doing it… [A trend] can be a really nice touch to a site if implemented well.

Do you agree? What do you think will be big in 2014?

  • Rebecca

    Such trend. Much pink! Wow.

    • Pat

      very comment

  • Alex

    @Ben I would LOVE to see the end of ‘download our app’ popups. Hopefully you’re right!

  • Cube3x

    Nice collection! Let us see how it goes on in 2014

  • Igor

    Good bundle, purchased it, however in my opinon some files are prepared quite poorly.

    For example one of the files (graphic river) has PSDs named such as this: “1 copy copy”, “2 copy copy”, … and so on.

    In some of the files layers are also not organized well, no folders just all scattered together…

    And as far as Graphic River is concerned, I would also make it mandatory for every ZIP file to also include preview image of the file.
    This would be very helpful, since once I am browsing through all the folders, I would be able to see right away, what the content of the actual file is.

    • Becca

      Thanks for the feedback Igor! I’m not sure what the review process for GR Is, but I’ll pass it on.

  • Reece

    i can see trends away from western design methods to an understanding that eastern audiences require alternative design methods and elements.

  • woylaa

    i think simple design will be the best one in this year (2004) hihhihi :D