The First Ever Tuts+ Premium Sale

Those of you who help support the Tuts+ network by becoming Premium members will be well aware of the improvements that we’ve made in the last year, including a full redesign, in depth screencast courses on the technologies that you most want to learn, and eBook partnerships with Smashing Magazine and Packt Publishing.

Create an Ecosystem for your CodeCanyon Items

Within the last month, we’ve launched a new subcategory under each root category on CodeCanyon, called “Add-Ons.” The beautiful thing about this new category is that it allows authors to create “ecosystems” for their items, by letting their peers create and sell add-ons for their items.

Are You Using the Envato Marketplaces API?

Many of you might not be aware that the Envato marketplaces have an API that can be used to handle everything from verifying purchases, to displaying your most recent items, to tracking featured files, to reviewing private account information, like your recent sales and account balance.