Submission Tip: Check Out Patrik’s Useful Collection of Stock Photos

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Collis recently posted a useful article about copyright and how it affects authors, with a particular focus on stock photos. If you missed it, you can read it here: Use of Assets in Previews on Envato Marketplaces. It is important to use properly licensed images in your previews.

The article may have you wondering where to find appropriate images. While you can find great stock photos on any number of sites around the Internet, GraphicRiver Reviewer Patrik Larsson has put together a useful collection of images from PhotoDune.

The collection contains over 400 images – and it’s growing every day. Patrik put in a lot of effort to collect as a wide variety as possible, aiming to make the collection useful for everyone who’s in need of images for their themes, flyers, sliders, and other items.

So check out Patrik’s growing collection today. You can either purchase the images, or as Jordan pointed out in a comment to Collis’ article, “As part of our terms and conditions, you can use *watermarked* PhotoDune items in your previews without a license or explicit permission from the author.”

What do you think of Patrik’s collection? Did you find what you were looking for?


  • I would definitely love to see more of these collections. They really help to find things in the jungle (sry, dune)

    You guys should finally clean up the public collections and embed a nicer way to add items to collections

  • arrowthemes

    “GraphicRiver Reviewer Patrik Larsson has put together a useful collection of images from PhotoDune.”

    I suppose you meant to link that to Larsson’s collection. Instead, it’s pointed to ” Use of Assets in Previews on Envato Marketplaces”


    • Adrian Try

      I can’t believe I did that! Thanks for letting me know, Arrowthemes. It’s fixed now.

  • It might also be worth mentioning I used the fantastic tool, Xaver not only pointed out but also built, to create this collection. Go check it out as it’s made my life a whole lot easier!

    Thanks for Quickcollection Xaver, it’s a fantastic tool 🙂